A record of the press coverage and mentions

2nd May 2017: Hull City of Culture 2017 (Hull 2017)

2017 marks Hull as City of Culture, throughout the year each Monday they release a challenge to the people of Hull. I joined in straight away in the first week of January and in this article you can see my entry for week 1 featured by Hull 2017. I was delighted to notice this mention when doing some more research for another challenge. See the article here.


5th April 2017: BBC Radio Humberside

A call in and chat with David Burns (radio broadcaster of the year 2015) about the news on Mel B and coming out with her news that she was in an abusive relationship with her husband, expressing my thoughts, feelings, concerns and of course my book.


25th March 2017: Inks and Scratches Literacy Magazine

A four page spread on an article I wrote on ‘finding your why’, I talk about the message behind my novel and why its important that I am passionate about my work. You can purchase it on Amazon Kindle (free for Kindle Unlimited) and also on Paperback.


16th March 2017: For Reading Addicts

An online article about my discovery following on from Hull Daily Mail’s article and the social media presence that was received with my post, read more here.


16th March 2017: Hull Daily Mail 

I discovered hundreds of books dumped into a skip locally due to the closure of an independent book shop, I posted the findings on social media as it’s a shame for them to go to waste. They could have been donated to women’s refuge’s, charity shops, homeless shelters or more. Read the full article online which links in with Isolation Junction as well, here.


5th October 2016: BBC Radio Humberside

A studio live interview with David Burns (radio broadcaster of the year 2015) about the book, my own experiences and my future plans. Burnsy instructed he would leave a copy of the book in the reception if anyone listening would like to read it- you never know who it could help.


18th August 2016: KCFM

A radio interview with me regarding my feelings on domestic abuse and an article featured on the website going into more detail about the upcoming release of the book. See the article online HERE.


16th August 2016: Hull Daily Mail

Article in the local newspaper and on their website. See the article online HERE.


5th August 2016: 6 Towns Radio 

A radio interview with me regarding the upcoming release of my novel and its aim.


22nd March 2016: The Huffington Post 

My own article on The Huffington Post, you can view my blogger profile HERE and the article ‘Life After Domestic Abuse’ HERE.

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