I thought I would do a yearly wrap up and select just one highlight from each month to share in this post. I know its going to be difficult to choose just one from each month but I am going to enjoy looking back on 2018. 


Back in January I received a Readers Favorite Award 5 Stars for Isolation Junction, I was very excited about this. The review was probably the most detailed review I have received and I was more than happy that the reviewer understood the concept of Isolation Junction. Read the review here.


In March I was delighted to hear that Clipped Wings received a Readers Award with Chill with a Book Awards. Read all about it on the dedicated award winning page.


I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Rock Pool roadshows in April (Birmingham) and in May (London) especially as I have such a background and journey with Rock Pool, find out more here.


I can’t believe it! In May I found out that I won the most informative blog award in the Blogger Bash Awards, I was so surprised and shocked! Find out all about how I felt and more about the award on this celebratory blog post.


In June, I attended my first Literary event as an author. I was delighted to be invited by Derwent Literary Festival to come and talk to the general public about my books and also the work I do behind the scenes. I am delighted to be invited back to next years and so it was a success. Thank you to all those who came along and asked me questions about what I do.


In July, the forum celebrated its one month birthday and I was so excited to release some statistics of Abuse Talk and the progress it had made already, check out the stats on that post here. Since then the stats on #AbuseTalk have continued to increase and almost doubled on reach and exposure. 


In August, My YouTube channel opened and video’s started to come along. Subscribe so you don’t miss out, there is a weekly video on my thoughts and other videos on the work that I do. Subscribe here.


In September, It was the cover reveal day for the second edition of Isolation Junction . I am in love with the book cover, I don’t know about you? Check out what happened on the day here.


In October, I hosted a positive challenge and this is because I felt personally I needed to bring some positivity to the month. It can be quite overwhelming when each year bringing awareness brings back memories I would rather lock away and I felt that if I feel this I am sure that others feel this way as well. I have to remember that my life now is that of a happy one and that I have managed to build a positive life after the abusive relationship I experienced. So… I thought we could have a month to recognise the positives and still bring awareness to domestic abuse. Read more about it here


In November, I was delighted to meet Jayne and Lyn who are the owners of The Hull Hub which is a new newspaper/magazine which is free to pick up in Hull, UK. I am even more thrilled that I will be doing a monthly column for book reviews as well as contributing with content from the local area. 


In December, It was a lovely morning for a perfect shot with BBC No Filter on the 11th December. I am looking forward to seeing the edit of my story/interview. Thank you for the opportunity and kindness Martha.


To be honest there were many more highlights but I had to try and narrow it down. I was delighted to be best seller on Amazon UK and US on a number of times throughout the year. I opened my Drip platform and opened membership which is VERY exciting. I also worked on a photo shoot for a book to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. (Topics regarding both domestic abuse and sexual violence.) This book will be titled as: I Survived. The support I have received from the local media has been a very helpful highlight. 

This year I have received so much support from readers and those who are following the journey I am on. Thank you to each and everyone one of you, without you it wouldn’t be possible to continue and the message wouldn’t be heard. Here’s to a brilliant 2019, I have so many plans and can’t wait to share them with you all. 





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