Do you ever wonder why you can’t get through a chapter? Do you ever think your never going to finish that book/text book/manuscript/blog? Do you get distracted or start procrastinating?


I’ve found it hard in the modern day to sit and focus on reading with the every day distractions. Here are 5 easy ways to help you focus on reading which helped me massively. The best thing… It’s simple.

1. Put your phone down- Yes that’s hard. I even turn it on silent (even with vibrating off) and i pop it in the other room if i really can’t help looking over my nose at it. Having a ping for every new notification on social media, text, app update or a news flash is rather distracting; i found myself feeling a need to look at my phone. Digital detoxing is very good for focusing on a task or on family time!

2. Switch off- As well as getting rid of the phone, turn off the tv, radio and anything else that can cause a distraction. Or head somewhere quiet. Relax in your favourite comfy chair, lay on your bed, go and sit in on a bench in a park; go wherever your quiet space is.

3. Be refreshed- Either have had a drink (preferably water or a soft drink) or have one with you. Hydration helps your concentration and then theres even less of an excuse to get up, have a snack with you too (just in case).

4. Get rid of your frogs- As discovered by reading Shaa Wasmund’s book “Do less, get more”. If you have those burning jobs that need to be doing but you have put them off each day, just get them done. Clearing the frogs will stop your mind from wondering about what you “should” be doing. I try and get my frogs done at the beginning of each day, it could be as little as putting the wash load on to sorting out a bank matter. Theres no need to waste time thinking about them when they could just be done and clearing space in your mind for your book etc.

5. Enjoy- Finally the most important one, enjoy your reading time and value it don’t squeeze it in by reading a few pages at a time but read a chapter instead (find the time). It will be more beneficial for you and you wont have to keep re-reading. You will enjoy that time out rather than worrying about when your going to fit it in between tasks and odd jobs, noise filled environments and being distracted by every day life.
Feel free to share your hints and tips in the comments box below.

Happy reading everyone.



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