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I have spent the last two years thinking about setting up a Forum. I have asked a large amount of people I have connected with about it and the response I have had over the time has been that they would like it to be available. People I have asked are survivors, victims, those in the sector and members of my Street Team. 

This hasn't been brought up out of the blue but has had a lot of thought put into it. 

The reason I wanted to set it up is because I felt I was incredibly alone as a victim and also a survivor. Until I had started my Facebook page and started talking about my experiences of domestic abuse I felt incredibly isolated. Since social media and my debut novel has been published I have had many message me about their own experience, advice for friends or relatives that are victims and people telling me how much they relate to the story line. 

The vision behind this forum is to give those who have been victims a place they can talk about their experiences, ask for support, advice and help if required. Its hard to find someone who understands what you have been through and the only people that have understood it are those who have also been abused. I wanted you to feel less isolated in your survival or as a victim. 

I hope that those in the sector including services, charities, other individuals/independents/advocates will also contribute to the forum. Please do share your contact details etc in the support post. In fact, I want to be able to discuss with you all as well. 

At the moment any money I make is going back into my awareness of domestic abuse through my work, I end up putting my own money into it still as well. Simply because it is so important to me as a person to help raise awareness of this insidious and unacceptable behaviour.

If you would like to sponsor my work and the forum then please get in touch with me. I am actively looking for sponsors to fund my continued work. 

Thank you

Jennifer Gilmour 

Jennifer Gilmour
Advocate for women in abusive relationships
Author of Isolation Junction & Clipped Wings

Contact me regarding sponsorship of this Forum


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