I am delighted to be reviewing a different kind of book for you all today and have a giveaway for the cutest pocket journal ever! I am thankful to Ali Gill for giving me the opportunity to share this with you all especially as I write lots of negative material it is nice to share something to positive. I urge you to read on as well because I believe this would help anyone, theres nothing to loose.

Ali Gill is a lovely lady that runs Hidden Perfects and it was a surprise to meet her at The Happiness Club Retreat a few weeks ago. Ali was such a caring and excited character, she brought an energy into the room like no other and it was simply delightful to get to meet her in person and get to know her a little more.


My Pocket Perfect is an ideal book to start you on your way to capturing a ‘perfect’ in every day. A cuppa with a friend, a view, a word, a sound. All things we would usually overlook. “I challenge you to take a moment in the next 30 days to log something ‘perfect’ in each day.” AJ Gill

Don’t forget the giveaway at the bottom of the blog post…

My Review:

This mini 30 day journal is perfect to have in your pocket or your handbag. I found the perfect moments easy to pin point even on days I would have originally thought were not so good, you can find a perfect moment in every day. I always ask my children what was there favourite part of their day/weekend and this brings it to life for me, I never asked myself that until now. I enjoyed that you could take a moment out for yourself and colour in as you please as well as the motivating quotes.

I have passed out a few of these pocket journals and had an exciting response to starting the journals, all positive feedback on how its helped each individual.

The journals stand out with their bright colours and look like you want to open it and use it. I highly recommend the journals from Ali Gill to anyone who is needing an uplift and to give themselves some well deserved time.

I am looking forward to starting the main journal and reporting back to you all.

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