#AbuseTalk is a Twitter Chat that runs every Wednesday evening 8-9pm GMT. It doesn’t matter whether you are a victim, survivor, advocate, charity organiser, individual, solicitor, public figure or MP. #AbuseTalk is open to anyone who wants to discuss domestic abuse.

Each week we have a theme which is there to help the conversation flow through the one hour. You can at any point ask your own questions, reply to others and join in.

Not in the UK? Thats not a problem either, we have people joining in around the world and have adapted the cover photo to display the times in the timezones most used.

8-9pm GMT/12-1pm PST/3-4pm EST/2-3pm CT

Don’t know much about Twitter or how you could get involved? Watch the Walkthrough below and hope to see you virtually on a Wednesday soon.

Abuse Talk Forum

#AbuseTalk Forum is NOW OPEN! 

The 30th May 2018 the doors opened to the Abuse Talk Forum.

I have always felt a forum was needed but couldn’t find its place and so I decided a Twitter Chat was the direction to go. After a few months of hosting #AbuseTalk I realised that tweeting was great but it wasn’t for those who don’t want to publicly discuss domestic abuse. It is also restrictive with the character limitations. Thats when I realised that a forum can work alongside the Twitter Chat and offering a register only forum.

I am also delighted to have the forum sponsored by a solicitor which will be announced in the grand opening, our solicitor has agreed to answer questions within the forum on their own thread ‘Ask a solicitor’. This is priceless, to have the opportunity to ask a solicitor when perhaps someone may not have had the ability to do so.

Sponsor the forum

The forum is open for sponsorship to cover the maintenance and time it takes to moderate the posts.

There are a few options available, for those who are wanting to advertise their organisation/business/charity/business you can become a Topic Sponsor which is £5 a month (please email me for this option as there is limited spaces left). Silent Sponsors are there for those who do not want their name mentioned in the sponsor list and simply want to support the forum, click below for the £1 and £3 option. VIP Member Sponsors are FREE and for those who have a product or service that they would like to offer for a discounted price to VIP members of the forum which is opening in the near future, its part of the forum but a special area for VIP’s (please email me for more information).

Anonymous Post Request

12 + 4 =

Fill this form out if you would like to post anonymously in the forum. The post will be put up under admin and moderator jenniferlauragilmour. Once submitted it may take a little while to appear and you will be notified via email that it has been posted, no email or name of yours will be linked to the content of the post. If there is a concern on the content you will also be contacted via email.

#AbuseTalk Interviews

The new series will premier each month on the first Wednesday at 7.30pm GMT on my YouTube channel

In short: I want to get the answers to questions many have from those that work in the domestic abuse sector. Getting an inside feel for what its really like in their job role and sharing it with all of you. 

Here’s the playlist of the interviews to date. 

If you work in the domestic abuse sector or think you have something that would be of use to viewers then please get in touch with me.


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