Merry Christmas! To celebrate Christmas this year #AbuseTalk is running a very unique and amazing giveaway over the next 12 days. 12 prizes with 23 entries per person and it’s FREE to enter. 

All of the prizes are linked to domestic abuse in some way, whether that’s an organisation gifting something to the giveaway or directly linked.

If you didn’t know Abuse Talk is a digital community and you can join the discussion about domestic abuse.

You can join in through a weekly Twitter Chat every Wednesday 8-9pm GMT we discuss domestic abuse and invite anyone to join in. All you have to do is follow @AbuseTalkOnline and follow the chat live on the night on #AbuseTalk.

We have a forum that is available 24/7 and even houses a solicitor who will answer your questions and queries for no charge. We have a podcast that delivers a series of interviews with those that work in the domestic abuse sector. Getting an inside feel for what its really like in their job role and sharing it with all of you. 

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Here’s how to enter, keep scrolling to find out more about the prize and the people behind them. 




What’s up for grabs? 


 #AbuseTalk Pin Badge and Fridge Magnet

Wear an Abuse Talk pin Badge with pride and place the fridge magnet on your fridge, #AbuseTalk is all about a continuous conversation on domestic abuse.

Find out more about #AbuseTalk here.


 Christmas Hamper from Rock Pool

Rock Pool are gifting a luxury festive treats hamper including chocolates, chutneys, crackers and more! 

About Rock Pool: “A trauma-informed approach to care or service provision is one that considers how traumatic experiences may impact the person being supported. If service providers approach their care or service provision with an understanding that trauma can influence a person’s behaviour, then the way a situation is handled or care is offered is more likely to result in positive outcomes.” 

This is the belief of Rock Pool, providers of specialist training courses and recovery programmes tailored to organisations that support people who have been affected by complex or developmental trauma.  

Co-founded by Sue Penna and Kirsty Mooney, Rock Pool harnesses their 40 years’ combined experience working in frontline services dealing with domestic and sexual violence and adverse childhood experiences with the vision of helping to create a society that is trauma-informed.   

With a selection of courses delivered by Rock Pool staff and a team of UK wide associates, the course portfolio includes trauma-informed practice training for organisations to offer a better understanding of trauma and its impacts. Additionally, recovery toolkit facilitator programmes enable delegates to then deliver the toolkits to people who have experienced different types of trauma with courses focused on domestic abuse and sexual violence recovery, and specific Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) training for practitioners working with families and children.

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A divorce from Picasso Legal

A divorce!  What does the new year mean to you?  Being a DIVA?  Let us help you be Divorced Independent Validated and  Available (or Amicable, if you prefer!). Covers our fees and VAT but not disbursements. 

About Picasso Legal: Solicitors who focus on practical advice, avoiding boring lawyer jargon and fixing the fees so you know exactly what you’re getting.  We won’t charge you unfairly, won’t advise court proceedings if they’re not necessary and will be sure to advise a better way of doing things even if it means we lose out on fees.  Don’t get us wrong… we can get our teeth into an argument in court when we need to.  

In family law, this means that we won’t just help you with the legal stuff – we’ll find a way to do it that is best for your family, particularly any children.  You want your children to feel they can invite both their parents to their weddings. You want a good separation. Going through a separation is really hard! But keeping the process non-confrontational will make things easier and lead to solutions that work long term. 

We specialise in helping victims of domestic abuse and can offer legal aid to all eligible clients. 

Find out more about Picasso Legal here


Signed copy of Isolation Junction by Jennifer Gilmour

A signed copy of Isolation Junction which follows the story of Rose who is stuck in an abusive and coercive relationship referred to as Isolation Junction. It educates through a form of entertainment and is an enlightening read, with romance and comedy woven through the plot.  

About Jennifer: Jennifer Gilmour is an author and advocate for women in abusive relationships, using her own experiences of domestic abuse as a catalyst to bring awareness and help to others. Jennifer has published two award winning books, Isolation Junction and Clipped Wings, which have both been Amazon Best Seller. Jennifer speaks at various events across the UK and continues to raise awareness through her blog posts, public speaking, radio interviews and social media presence.

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5 Three x one hour coaching sessions with Kelly Smith

Three one to one, one hour sessions.

About Kelly Smith: At Relationship Coach Kelly Smith, we help people with one on one constant contact to help others stay away from the toxic relationship they left. We also help others get back into dating after a long term relationship ends, or after being in a toxic relationship. 

Find out more about Kelly Smith here

The Happiness Club Membership for 3 months with Jo Howarth

3 months membership of The Happiness Club.

About The Happiness Club: The Happiness Club is an online mental wellbeing support service that provides daily advice and 24/7 support to anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, depression  or who wants help with their mental wellbeing.

Find out more about Jo Howarth here


A digital copy of Walls of Silence by Helen Pryke

A digital copy of Helen Pryke’s Walls of Silence.

About Helen Pryke: Helen Pryke is a British author who has been living in the north of Italy for almost 30 years, learning everything about Italians, their culture, and their way of life. She now considers herself more Italian than British, even though she has never lost her British accent. Addicted to coffee and chocolate, she has also developed a passion for good food, having married an Italian who is a wonderful cook!

Helen writes emotional women’s fiction set in Italy that deals with the difficult subject of abuse in a sensitive way. She also writes middle grade fiction under the pen name, Julia E. Clements. You can find her books here: When she’s not writing, she loves reading, and will read anything and everything.

Find out more about Helen Pryke here


My Perfect Journal and It’s OK Journal by Hidden Perfects (Ali Gill)

It’s OK and My Perfect journal. 

About Hidden Perfects: Making a difference with journals that allow you time to reflect and log something good each and every day. Full of inspirational quotes, colour me in pages and much more. Little by little, step by step, day by day. 

Find out more about Hidden Perfects here


Domestic Abuse Resource Pack from Whats the Debate?

What’s The Debate? Domestic Abuse Resource Pack, this includes 25 PVC Statement Cards that contain myths and misconceptions around Domestic Abuse to help aid discussions and debates. There are also 4 Lesson Plans to extend knowledge and development in this area as well as a Facilitator’s Guide.

About What’s The Debate?: What’s The Debate? aims to raise awareness, educate and prevent issues around Domestic Abuse, Child Sexual Exploitation and Mental Health. We do this by producing resources that have been designed to tackle the myths and misconceptions of certain issues as well provide training for professionals, young people and parents and Carers. Our resources are primarily used within school and youth work settings within Relationship and Sex Education but have also been used by Social Workers, Police Officers and other training facilitators.

Find out more about What’s The Debate here

Tickets for two- Child Prevention Convention Conference April 2020 by Kaleidoscopic UK

Two tickets to our Child abuse prevention convention in April. £140 inclusive of hot pizza buffet lunch, refreshments throughout the day and chance to meet the speakers.

About Kaleidoscopic UK: We are a charitable organisation of survivors for survivors of domestic abuse and their families. We provide support groups and prevention programmes for all services to educate on the reality of abuse through the eyes of survivors. We will be delivering the adult and child freedom programme in 2020 also.

Find out more about Kaleidoscopic UK here.


Performance Development Coaching (90 mins) by K J Ratcliffe Consultancy

To coincide with the launch of KJ Ratcliffe Consultancy on Monday January 20th a prize is being offered for ninety minutes one to one performance and development coaching. The ninety minutes can be taken as three 30 minute sessions or two 45 minute sessions. The coaching can be via SKYPE or WhatsApp or by phone. The prize will be expected to be taken between 3rd February and 28th February 2020. This can be discussed further on first contact. There will be an expectation of completion of a signed agreement to work with KJ Consultancy at no cost. Any personal information given will be held securely under the rules of GDPR. Information will be sent via email to the client at first contact stating the role of professional coaching and expectations. All details must be agreed prior to the first session. KJ Ratcliffe accepts no responsibility for missed appointments or decisions made by the client not to complete agreed actions. There is no financial equivalent to this prize.

About KJ Ratcliffe Consultancy: KJ Ratcliffe Consultancy is launching on Monday January 20th 2020. This service has been in the planning stage for the last two years. I have been researching the need for a performance and personal development coaching service for those who have experienced domestic abuse either in a relationship or within the family as a child and adult.

KJ Ratcliffe Consulting is new and aims to work with those who have sought counselling and support to assist them as they leave the relationship/family where the abuse has been experienced. They are now seeking balance in, and control of, their life. As a survivor myself, I know the difficulty residual memories and behaviours cause, especially when triggered by a situation or experience, even after many years. The beliefs and values that may not be helpful can often limit the desired successes and outcomes. Professional coaching can assist by helping you to evaluate your present situation and consider the thoughts and feelings that may cause blockage to success. Discussing the reality of the situation and options, and having someone with you take action can be a fantastic way forward towards achievement. 

I have a professional Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching. My career has involved working with survivors of domestic abuse and I have also worked with perpetrators of abuse. I have a teaching qualification and spent a year completing my Master’s degree; examining domestic abuse offences and government policy. I know that the service that I offer is unique. 

I work with clients to become aware and address any thoughts, feelings or behaviours that are not enabling them to manage their life and accomplish set goals. This can be achieved by either one to one coaching sessions and/or coaching workshops. The initial workshops are due to launch in March and will combine to form a programme that can be ran over a six week period alongside one to one coaching sessions. 

For the one to one coaching sessions, we have an initial conversation and agree on a way forward to work together. The relationship is one of trust and of accountability. 

KJ Ratcliffe Consultancy seeks to empower individuals and asks that clients accept the responsibility to step out of their comfort zone and have a ‘can-do’ attitude. Change is not easy but taking action towards a more fulfilling life to feel your life and enjoy has to be a worthwhile venture.

Find out more about RJ Ratcliffe Consultancy here



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