Happy Monday folks, 

I am delighted to be sharing some fantastic news with you all. Rock Pool have come on board as the main sponsor for #AbuseTalk. Honestly I am celebrating because I have been on quite a journey with them, if you haven’t read this blog post from a couple of years ago then you should. It was the first time I got to meet Creative Director Sue Penna and it was rather emotional. 

I have spoken a lot about Rock Pool over the last few years and it’s because of their Domestic Abuse Recovery Toolkit Programme that I am here doing what I am doing today. I sum it up in this video I recorded last year: 

Here’s my response to Rock Pool becoming the main sponsor of #AbuseTalk:

I can never thank Rock Pool enough for the work they have done and for the support that has been given for the work I am doing. I originally got in touch with Sue to thank her for changing my life with the RTK and to tell her about the work I do because of the programme. It was certainly emotional when I finally got to meet Sue two years ago when I completed the RTK facilitator training. I soon was introduced to Kirsty and again have been welcomed with support and guidance. I feel truly honoured that Rock Pool is now the main sponsor for #AbuseTalk, it helps support the digital community to keep running. #AbuseTalk was born when I felt the need to connect with others who had experienced domestic abuse online, I wanted to feel less alone. It has become a platform that bridges the gap between those with lived experiences and professionals. Anyone is welcome to join in.

If you don’t know about #AbuseTalk it is a digital community that brings the discussion to domestic abuse, anyone can join in. 

Abuse Talk’s history: 

2017 #AbuseTalk Twitter chat opened. Every Wednesday evening 8-9pm GMT.

2018 saw the opening of the forum which is housed on JenniferGilmour.com it was born due to some wanting to use more characters than 280 on Twitter and for a more private feel. Available 24/7.

2019 #AbuseTalk Interviews opened, a series of interviews with those that work in the domestic abuse sector. Getting an inside feel for what its really like in their job role and sharing it with all of you. Every first Wednesday of the month usually at 7.30pm GMT unless the interview is longer than 30 minutes.

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