Earlier today I was traveling home from a long weekend away and I stopped off for some drinks and snacks (as you do on a long journey back). I happened to be wearing my “Block the road to Isolation Junction” T-Shirt, comfortable clothing for the drive home.

I had selected some light snacks alongside a few cold latte drinks as I seem to have a sweet tooth for these and are refreshing in the hot weather we have been having. I pondered over to the checkout and the man at the checkout was really polite and friendly. I didn’t catch his name as I was mindful I needed to get back on the road and I was taken a back by the conversation that came. After the usual weather discussion you have with people you don’t know he asked me about my T-Shirt. For some reason I didn’t say it was about the book I was releasing and I simply said “Its about a book that is due to be released in October and the core of it is about Domestic Abuse”.  In reply I received the raised eyebrows and the quite often unexpected surprise, followed by a long pause.

I didn’t know what else to say in this pause but then he opened up to me and explained as part of his AA meetings he had discovered he had been abusive, the AA group supported him to build up the courage and apologise to his ex girlfriend. I have to admit I was really taken aback by this, 1 because I’m used to talking to victims and survivors and 2 because he opened up to me. He went on to tell me that he has been alcohol free for 8 years and I said my polite well done’s and I said to him to keep going and thanked him for sharing with me. This guy was so calm about talking to me about it and he wished me well and that he was going to look up Isolation Junction. We said our goodbye’s and I have to admit I was surprised by all of this.

If there is a chance you are reading this then can I say it must have taken courage to talk to me today but I think it was very brave. I wish you all the best for the future and I hope looking further into my book and especially the campaign that is running right now will show you that you taking that step was not just a step but a life changing event.

I will be wearing my T-Shirt on more occasions, you can get a T-Shirt like mine through pledging on the Kickstarter campaign.

Not only have I spoken to 100’s of women who have been in abusive relationship’s and opened but now its the other side of the junction as well, this book is already bringing so many conversations (not just with me).

Are you going to “Block the road to Isolation Junction” with me?


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