An exciting announcement I am making today…

I am now a part of Pict Publishing which fits everything I am as a writer and my advocacy, they feature strong modern women as empowered voices.

I am delighted to be on board with Pict Publishing because of their support for women and empowered voices. I am passionate about bringing awareness to domestic abuse and my books have a deeper message attached to them. Pict publishing support strong modern women and I believe I slip into this category snuggly.

I joined yesterday and Pict Publishing already have me on their website and featured on the homepage. Take a look at the website and find me on the homepage, our books, our authors and their latest blog post announcing me.

Find Pict Publishing on: 

Official Website




A nice short blog for you today so you can go and have a look at Pict Publishing and who is involved, this is going to be an exciting part of my journey.


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