I have to admit April was a busy month and it doesn’t look like my load will be lightened in the near future. April saw that I had deadlines to meet to send my work over to my editor and May comes with deadlines as well. BUT before I get talking about May I better tell you all about April…


To kickstart the month I was delighted to see MP Dawn Butler use the #AbuseTalk which is what I use for my Wednesday evenings discussion on Twitter.


To my surprise and delight my blog was nominated for Most Informative Blog Award in this years Annual Bloggers Bash Awards. Voting has now closed and all we can do is wait it out to see the result. Either way I had no idea about this until someone tweeted me a congratulations message, find out more about my nomination here.


I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Rock Pool roadshows in April (Birmingham) and in May (London) especially as I have such a background and journey with Rock Pool, find out more here.


It’s always nice to get a mention but this blog post was more than a mention. Viola Bleu not only informs us all of her own findings but links me in lovely as well as sharing a video which really made me think about terminology, you can read her blog post here.


Merchandise is hitting my store online and I brought these cute aluminium keyring’s. This keyring shows your dedication to support blocking the road to Isolation Junction. Isolation Junction is a place no one should have to be, it feels like a dead end and with no where to turn can you find the right direction out? Find out more about them here.


I decided to confess to you all on a blog, I felt I had to do it. Find out about my confessions here.


Read the up to date news on #AbuseTalk in the April edition of CCChat Magazine here, view other editions of the magazine on my dedicated page here.


#AbuseTalk has its own page on this site now and includes a walkthrough on how to engage each Wednesday. It also counts down to the forum which opens in May! Find out more here.


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