I’m delighted to bring this book review to you here because this would have been a fantastic tool to have after leaving an abusive relationship. Jo Howarth’s book Get Happy is an essential daily guide to a happier life, it has 180 days worth of motivational material which gives you a feel good feeling.

I would say perhaps after a small length of healing time around 6-9 month after an abusive relationship would be a good time to start this book, giving someone time to work out who you are and what’s going on. I am only looking at this from a personal point of view and why I am blogging about it but anyone can use this book. Get Happy has moments were it challenges you and in my experience I would have found some of the tasks very difficult specifically those that are finding positives in ones self. Get Happy helps build you up and of course your develop your happiness- now that I have learnt that I am allowed to be happy.

The author of Get Happy (Jo Howarth) is an inspirational lady I met when I was back in Cheshire and through the BizMums network. I have heard her speak at events and I have been in owe of her positive vibes, ones that hit you when you are in a room with her. I am also lucky that in March I will be going on her retreat which has been part funded by BizMums, I hope the retreat will influence my support to others and I am sure it will shower through my blog posts as well.

I am lucky to have my very own signed copy…



This indispensable guide from Jo Howarth, creator of The Happiness Club, will help you to revolutionise how you approach each and every one of your days!
Is your life ‘okay’? Will it ‘do’? Is it ‘nice enough’?
Are you plodding through the every day experiences feeling like there has to be something more to life?
Don’t put up with ‘okay’. Happiness is within your reach.
This book is packed with advice, tools and techniques that will help you learn how to choose happiness every single day. Inspired by a compilation of the daily posts from The Happiness Club, each page contains a tool, technique or strategy for you to use.
You can read one page a day, you can read it from cover to cover or you can pick it up and flick through at random.
A must read for anyone looking to increase happiness in their life!

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My Review:


This book not only encourages how to be happy but it motivates, challenges, inspires you and its a fantastic way to start the day. I love how you read it on a daily basis and that each day is just enough to take in, its not overwhelming. Jo has very cleverly mixed up different aspects through her book that you gain a lot more knowledge than you might think. My favourite part was when Jo added her own personal stories into the book, almost like giving little life lesson’s through her own witness of different events. I really appreciate metaphors and use them a lot in my explanations, Jo carefully uses metaphors at times throughout Get Happy, but not as an over kill. I would recommend anyone to read this, even if you are happy because it give’s you even more food for thought.


You can find out more about Jo and her work on her website www.thehappinessclub.co.uk

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