CCChat is a new monthly online publication which aims to inform on Coercive Control and matters around it. CCChat is not afraid to tackle difficult topics that need to be addressed.

I am delighted to write a monthly column for the CCChat Magazine which includes #AbuseTalk and also a monthly online book club which features books that feature domestic abuse in it.

September 2018

I was thrilled to interview author Stella Eden for this edition of CCChat Magazine. Find out a bit more about #AbuseTalk and the forum as well.

June 2018

In this edition my article talks about Rock Pool and why their training is life changing. This was printed especially for the Coercive Control Conference in Bristol run by editor of the magazine, Min Grob.

May 2018

This edition holds an interview with Pat Craven who developed the Freedom Programme. My column publicises more on the opening of the #AbuseTalk forum which is opening on this website. I reveal what my current reads are and announce the winner of the April/May giveaway.

April 2018

This edition give’s you the lowdown on the latest news with a forum I am developing with my #AbuseTalk Weekly Twitter Chat. I also review Broken Pieces by Rachel Thompson.

March 2018

This edition is an International Women’s Day special and to celebrate Min has listed Women to watch in 2018. I didn’t write an article for this edition as Min featured me as one of the women to watch, see me on page 17.

February 2018

Its an exciting edition with the first book giveaway, anyone can join in and enter but you need to enter before the end of February.

January 2018

It’s a new year and in January’s edition I review In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People as well as welcome back #AbuseTalk from the festive two week break.

December 2017

In this months article I speak about why it is important to read books relating to domestic abuse.

November 2017

In November’s edition #AbuseTalk looks at financial abuse and the Online Book Club I have the opportunity to interview Author Helen Pryke.

October 2017

In this edition #AbuseTalk has a home as well as the opening of the Online Book Club.

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