You may have seen me talking about some exciting news for the 19th December and I am happy to let you all know it is in fact a Christmas treat for you!

You may have noticed that the paperback of Isolation Junction became a best seller on Amazon in the first week of its publication and thats’s fantastic. Thank you for your support and fantastic reviews and feedback.

Now… the gift for you is that the Kindle version from today until the 26th December 2016 is reduced from £4.99 to 99p! It’s also FREE if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Check it out here! Do tell your friends, share this blog, share the link and don’t miss out on this.

So why have I decided to give you this treat?

With Christmas almost upon us the pressures for someone who is in an abusive relationship can be at a peak. From little pressures such as whether you can or can’t attend a Christmas party, see friends and family and what is said and how’s it’s said in anyone else’s presence. To the threat that something bad will happen and the worry that the abuser will ruin Christmas for the children or relatives. There are many many reasons and those that you might think nothing of.

People have seen a different side to abuse through my fictional novel. It’s something that has before been addressed in a text book rather than a novel. The reaction has been that people have learnt about a different type of abuse and what coercive control can look like. It is hard to explain in a text book to fully demonstrate this type of behaviour.

Could this help someone you know who is being abused but they are defensive? This book could help them see that it isn’t normal behaviour, it’s not their fault and they can be happy and leave safely with the right help. If Kindle isn’t appropriate then perhaps the paperback may be a better option and you can buy this via Amazon here.

As well as educating, it is also an entertaining book as you can see from the reviews. It is not filled with doom and gloom but features romance and some comedic moments.

”This book I was not able to put down”
“A hugely important book!”
“A very gripping and interesting read”
“Thank you Jennifer for highlighting this issue and hopefully inspiring women to break free from emotional abuse”
“A fictional account of an everyday, unacceptable issue”
“It really packed a punch and left me feeling quite emotional!”
“Isolation Junction shows that there can be life after abuse”

I would like to wish you all a happy Christmas but also a safe one as well.


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