I reviewed this book as part of my monthly book review column for The Hull Hub. Rachael is local to Hull and it was great to review a fellow author that is nearby. 


Do you often feel worried? Or Anxious? Or Irritable? Or Stressed?

This guide will give you simple, practical tried and tested techniques to look at your life and take control of situations that are draining your power.

Today is the day to think about yourself for a change

This guide will help with:

  • Relationship disharmony
  • Inability to say ‘No’
  • Low self-esteem and weight issues
  • Work challenges and frustrations
  • Children, teenager or family conflicts
  • Depression, anxiety or panic attacks
  • Feeling out of control or overwhelmed
  • Feeling trapped by life’s circumstances
  • Feeling stuck or helpless
  • Feeling angry or resentful

Why not unleash your inner Courage Queen today?

Every copy of the guide includes access to a FREE pdf download of the entire guide so that you can revisit the strategies in the future.  You will also be invited to our secret Facebook group #CourageQueenTribe which includes ‘how to’ videos from Rachael plus posts from other women sharing their #couragequeenjourney.



My Review

This self help guide will give you 28 simple, practical tried and tested techniques to apply to every challenging situation in your life. Give yourself permission to start exploring the most exciting relationship of your life – the one with yourself.

It is pleasing to know that in our local area holds someone like Rachael Alexander who has flourished in her psychologist role to create a workbook that has and will help many. As a community we should be celebrating that we have a city of talented people who want to make a difference. This is a book review but its hard to avoid looking beyond the book and what Rachael gives as a whole package. 

How to be a courage queen is split into three sections: self, others and life. It helps you build your own strategies to become who you want to be and also shining that out as a person for others to see. Often we are busy and don’t think about us, perhaps we put self care as the last item on the list, this book will allow you to think about what you really want from life. The best bit is that its easy to follow and you are given examples if you are struggling with the task. 

Throughout the book there are courage queen learning point stamps and that where you find a nugget of information which may give a reason for our initial feelings or actions. I think these are needed throughout the book to keep you encouraged and to know that some of those feelings are completely normal. I would have liked more of an expansion of information on this as I am always keen to find out more. 

I would say this book is perfect for those who have read other self help books or for those that are visual learners or logical. It is certainly different and brings a fresh and active way to self help. 

Will you become a courage queen?


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