December was a busy month, I know its to be expected but I had started putting my 2019 plan into preparation and some of the work started to pay off. 

I started the month with opening my Drip creator, I am just one out of ten in the UK active on Drip. You have to be invited into the platform so I am honoured to be able to have this opportunity. Drip is connected to Kickstarter in which I have previously successfully funded two projects on. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. Drip is different because you back a person rather than a project, you can select different tiers and unlock different material with each one. Check it out here



Emma-Louise Smith was the first person to become a founding member of my Drip. Thank you Emma-Louise for your support which enables me to continue to support victims and survivors, speak out about domestic abuse, write more material, bring awareness and ultimately develop as an author and advocate. If you would like to support my efforts then please go to: https://d.rip/jennifer-gilmour.



It was a lovely morning for a perfect shot with BBC No Filter on the 11th December. I am looking forward to seeing the edit of my story/interview. Thank you for the opportunity and kindness Martha.



My first column in The Hull Hub next to my editorial was published and copies sent to pick up points for this new free newspaper/magazine which is local. Delighted to be on board and excited about the future of working alongside Jayne and Lyn.



I had two radio interviews with BBC Radio Humberside. The first with David Burns and in the studio, talking about my new Drip profile and the work I do. You can listen on BBC iPlayer at 2:18:45-2:26 here on Radio Humberside. The second I wad Interviewed by Sally Fairfax about the term mumpreneur and my link to BizMums. You can listen up to a week after broadcast here at 2:15- 2:20: here



This made me giggle, I had been made into a cartoon on the popular Peter & Paul show on Twitter. Everyone has said how much my cartoon me, looks like me. Thank you to those behind the twitter profile and for bringing some fun to our city. Check them out on Twitter here



I went along to the HEY Bloggers Christmas party and got to meet local bloggers as well as meet a lovely lady who has been a friend and supporter virtually for years, I signed a book for her and I look real serious on this photo. It was a fun event and I look forward to the next one. 



Delighted to be featured on the subscribers showcase on the Writers Online website, I subscribe to the writing magazine and this is a part of it. You can view Isolation Junction on their website for the next couple of months here



I can’t believe it but I managed to win this for my husband. A tad emotional as you can see. I nominated my husband when I saw that Viking FM and the Bonus Arena were rewarding inspirational individuals, whether they’ve made it through a tough year, achieved something amazing, or helped make life better for others…

Here was my nomination:
“This person deserves to win it because he is a selfless person that not only helped me after coming out of an abusive relationship but gave up everything. He became my best friend and now my husband and still stands with me in all that I face. He is the most caring person in the world and deserves to have something in recognition of everything he has done.”



I did my first ever Twitter live via Periscope, it was because #AbuseTalk fell on Boxing Day and so I wanted to do a Virtual Christmas Party and do something different. It went really well and I am so glad as this was something I needed to learn, next time I will be more prepared. You can watch it here



Clipped Wings gained number 1 UK and US best seller on the 27th and then the 28th December resulting from the free promotion I put up because of the heightened risk of domestic abuse over the Christmas period. 



On the 29th I spent the afternoon with Amyleigh Fowles who is creating a book to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. (Topics regarding both domestic abuse and sexual violence.) This book will be titled as: I Survived. I’m delighted to be involved and enjoyed showing Amyleigh the Humber Bridge and taking some photos there as well. I have to admit I wasn’t to photogenic today bit perhaps it was because of the reason. Looking forward to seeing this put together. Thank you Jacques for letting us use the space. Your chocolate brownie was to die for!


What a month and so much other things that happened. I have lots of plans going forward into 2019, keep tuned. 

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