I am delighted to have backed Hal on the End Street on the Kickstarter Campaign. I usually blog her about domestic abuse and if I alter from this line I have a good reason. Hal on the End Street is about an autistic teenager who and it is illustrated by Will who has autism. I recognised that their is a huge form of isolation for people who have autism whilst talking to Jude Lennon in its early stages of development. Jude’s passion to bring this story to life and to give autism a voice and help Will to fulfil his dream shone out to me. And whilst I write about a different Isolation Junction I felt it was necessary to share this to gain a little more awareness to a necessary cause.

I highly recommend this book and urge you to read on and find out more…

The blurb

It’s 1974 and you’re about to meet Hal. Hal is thirteen and lives in a house at End Street.

Hal is finding life as a teenager hard work. Hal has autism and people don’t always understand him or what he does. He finds making decisions really difficult and doesn’t always know the right thing to do or say.

With help from his family and trusty dog Jenny, Hal learns how to make choices for himself and find something he’s really good at. An Awesome About Autism Book

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My review

I was a proud backer of the Kickstarter campaign to release this much needed book. Another area of isolation and I believe that Jude and Will will be the start of a much needed awareness especially as young people can read this and begin to understand what it must be like to have anxiety and appreciate the difficulties of autism.

I felt the book educated me on the response of every day tasks and the particular needs to help Hal to express himself, EG stirring his tea 24 times. Hal should be allowed to live the life he wants and although we find out that he develop coping mechanisms I believe that others need to be aware of ‘Hals’ needs as well. I can imagine this may be difficult with it being different for every person but it doesn’t take much to be kind to someone and if you practice that with everyone then it would be natural. It can also be hidden to many and over looked but again if you practice being polite and helpful then surely the world would be a better place in general? I know this may be too much to ask of some but I am now imagining people around me that I wouldn’t know have autism and that can have that awful anxiety feeling. I refer to this when Hal is buying a red vase.

In fact instead of me trying to discuss this in a review I think anyone with no knowledge of autism to give this a read because it may make you think. It certainly has made me think on more.

I also feel that you get this super strong emotional link to Hal through reading his experiences and the possible choices he could make. Jude has done an amazing job in working with Will to bring this book to life and show Hal as himself.

The illustrations are subtle and delicate, Will certainly has a talent. I particularly like his illustration of his pet dog Jenny.

Thank you for bringing this book to life and giving readers the chance to find out more about Hal and his way of life.

I am excited that this isn’t a stand alone book and I believe many will follow the journey of Hal, I personally would like to see where he goes and what he does next.


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