Last month I was given the opportunity to write an article and have it on the Huffington Post. I was thrilled to be given this opportunity as the Huffington Post is accessed by the public worldwide and I knew that in being given this opportunity I would be able to get my message, a message which I think is relevant to so many people, out to a huge audience.

I am excited to say that I now have a blogging profile with the Huffington Post which you can view and follow here.

The first blog article I wrote was about ‘domestic abuse’ and how there can be a good life waiting for you once you admit to and address being in an abusive relationship. I thought it was important for readers to know that even after the passage of days, months and years that there are still moments I relive my time in such a relationship and that there are still times when I find the every day life hard. There are every day challenges that take time to heal and some, I am sad to say, will never fully repair. It is like a wound – your blood clots and your skin knits together, it then becomes a scab which could be there a few weeks and then there’s a scar left – that scar will fade but there will always be a mark. You know the story behind that scar and you carry it around everywhere you go and when someone asks, you choose whether or not to tell the story behind it or whether it’s too painful to think back and so leave it untouched. The memory is always there and time does help but you are reminded of it every time you notice that particular scar.

I urge you to take a moment out to read my article and a tiny piece of my story. Read it here, now!

You can share this blog post and/or share the whole article. Please do so, because the more it’s seen and read and awareness is raised of the issues, the more awareness that brings and the more help and support and empowerment is developed for those who are still not free. And for those survivors out there its a story that makes you feel a little less alone.

I have a lot of plans for this site and I have been in discussion with victims and survivors for the past couple of months. Feel free to contact me and discuss what you think if you don’t feel comfortable commenting on posts. Together we, the few, can make a difference for the many!



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