I never bite my nails but what I really mean is that I am on the edge of my seat, scratching an itch, twiddling my thumbs.

I simply have the urge to write and get the words, sentences, plot, story and thoughts out of my head and onto paper. For the last few weeks it has been waking me up at night, bugging me in the day, distracting me. I have a note on my iPhone with typed up bits and pieces but I know it’s not good enough, I keep telling myself that I need to spend an hour to put my mind at rest. An hour should be easy right? I should be able to fit that in? I’m sure you are thinking the same as me- what’s the problem?

As mentioned in my previous blog I haven’t been well and this has played with my focus a lot, especially when on the medication. I am exhausted and end up falling to sleep at my desk. However I am proud that I have managed to start a spider graph and trying to do it little by little.

My idea, funnily enough isn’t related to domestic abuse and this is a delight because it’s given me some free space to enjoy. It’s important to take breaks and be disciplined to know if it’s personally damaging.

Don’t worry though because I have planned also to write a short story in relation to domestic abuse.

Wish me luck and hopefully I will soon be celebrating that I have had the opportunity to ‘crack’ on.

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