June has been a mixture of a month, from doing events, writing personal blogs, writing, joining in on webinars and trying to squeeze in reading! I am glad to look back and see what I have achieved through June and I hope you enjoy having a look through as well.


I started the month with a box of my books arriving, I always find this exciting for many reasons and one of them is how far I have come.



I always love to see readers photo’s of where they are reading my books and a few photo’s came in this month. Thank you to everyone who shares photo’s with me, it brightens my day. Thank you to Dorota Niecikowska, Emma Bunting and Jessica Johnson for your photos.


I have to share on of the posts that people have spoken about, a blog post that I wasn’t going to ignore anymore, it had to be published. What he used to call me… went live in June.


I noticed some new 5* reviews this month and these reviews make a difference to me, its confirmation that my book Isolation Junction has been taken the right way and that motivation and passion comes through. Thank you to those who take the time to review.


I spent a week sharing about the founding sponsors for the Abuse Talk Forum which celebrated its first month anniversary on the 30th June. Find out more about the sponsors here.


I was delighted to kick off the Bookish World Cup 2018. In fact I was impressed I managed to link football with me work, who would have thought it? Find out how I did it here.


I was super excited this week when I got to see CCChat Magazine digital magazine in print form! Steps forward which is exciting. I’m so thrilled to be a part of an important magazine with pages full of information to help us all understand what Coercive Control looks like.My column features each month and in this special pre run edition for the conference in Bristol. I spoke about how Rock Pool’s training and courses are needed to help recovery from abuse.


I attended my first Literary event as an author. I was delighted to be invited by Derwent Literary Festival to come and talk to the general public about my books and also the work I do behind the scenes. I am delighted to be invited back to next years and so it was a success. Thank you to all those who came along and asked me questions about what I do.


Another blog post that opens up my thoughts and feelings. If you haven’t watched The Greatest Showman then you need to read this blog post because of the meaning behind the words and the emotions it stirs up in so many. Read it all here.


Behind the scenes I have been working on a short story, collating short pieces from the voices of Clipped Wings for a FREE eBook due to come out later this year, signposting those that need support, connecting with others in the sector, moderating the new forum and planning ahead towards the end of the year. PHEW.

I am looking forward to seeing what July brings.

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