I invite you to join me for a moment of calm as you read about Sarah Northwood’s new release. Take a moment out of your busy schedule and find out how you can take more time with inspiring poems and quotes with beautiful images.


Mindfulness is a way of focusing on the moment and letting go of past worries or future cares. In this little book of calm, each page is brought to life with beautiful and themed images. Combined with original pieces of prose, and thoughts to help you discover a moment of tranquillity, just for you!

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My Review:

I took 15 minutes out of my busy weekend to have a moment of calm. The week ahead was going to be busy and I needed to refresh myself and be energised. I had received an ARC of this book from Sarah herself and I was delighted to read it ahead of everyone else because I had read her poetry work before.

The Little Moments of Calm did just what it said on the cover. It gives you that space to think and there were two pages that made an imprint on my journey and gave me that motivation to know I had it all in hand. One about healing (which you can see below) and the other about glancing back at your footsteps. It gave me food for thought in a controlled and delightful way.

I believe my readers would gain a value from reading this quick and easy book that gives you some time to yourself, often enough we don’t do this and will continue with our work or day. I have returned back to this book a few times just to reminded of a particular poem/quote from a Sarah, it grounded me and they are memorable.

Well done Sarah for bringing another beautiful book to your collection and thank you for allowing to get my hands on a copy before it went public. I am always glad to be able to support other authors and Sarah has supported me for a while now.

Permission from Sarah Northwood to share this image from her book Little Moments of Calm. I wanted to share it because it stood out to me and I think many of you will relate to this as well.

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