I wonder if you realised that after May there was no wrap up, I couldn’t believe it when it was a few days into June and I had that realisation moment that it had switched months. I hope you enjoy this double wrap up and what a packed two months it has been. 


The first part of the month I spent at Social Day 19, what a way to start the month. It certainly left me with lots to think about and how to plan going forward with a lot of different projects and ideas. Watch this space. Read the full blog post on the event here


Something very different from what I usually do but I still wanted to share it none-the-less. My family and I appeared on ITV on the Tonight programme which covers current affairs, I wrote about it on my personal family blog, check out the full info here



I was delighted to talk at PositHive in Hull, my introduction talk about me and the work I do. It was a really nice setting and everyone felt comfortable to ask personal questions and speak with me at the end. Thank you Jenny for inviting me along.


My next article went out in The Hull Hub, I write about family adventures in the local area and its all positive news. It’s different from my usual writing but it offers a balance. You can read my articles and book reviews on their website


I couldn’t believe this, Abuse Talk (the forum) celebrated its first Birthday. I have lots of plans to move forward and almost complete is the yearly report I have made for sponsors. A huge thank you to them, without their support the forum wouldn’t be able to run, find out about the sponsors here

Into June now…


I shared the never before seen original sketches for the cover of Isolation Junction, you can read about my thought process and how this progressed into the final product. This is only visible to those on my Drip membership site, check it out here


I shared my thoughts with you on a production about body positivity and join these brave ladies and get my ‘bits’ out. I have to admit I was rather nervous about putting my current bikini body out there and it was because I felt it didn’t fit the ‘standard’ that is portrayed to us in the media. Every day bodies need to make it out there more, read more on my blog post about the Roaring Girls


I was honoured to speak at Stella Eden‘s first open road trip event which was for those who have experienced abuse and empowering them to reclaim their lives, inviting a mixture of professionals. I particularly enjoyed the laughter therapy, Stella’s event was a success and I think there should be more of them around the UK. People travelled into Hull who lived hours away as well as some of the local folk attended Stella’s event. 



I am trying to be more visual with what I do and so I am working on creating some video content, I started with this short slideshow to help promote my speaking. I have a video in the making which I am very excited about so keep your eyes pealed on my social media over the next couple of weeks, feeling its about time to try and give what I do a more visual feel. 


I had some sad news to share but I am coming up with a solution, if you haven’t read this blog post with the announcement yet then please do here


I talked about freelancing with BBC Radio Humberside on James Piekos breakfast show. You can listen back at 2:09 and 2:53, I talk to Caroline about the benefits of freelancing and how it helps me with what I do in my life here.


I placed a copy of Isolation Junction and Clipped Wings for someone to pick up in Hull City Centre. There are times of the year or places I visit where I am able to do this. I will be creating a book fairy edition for you to be able to purchase or for me to place, again keep an eye on social media for information on this. #IBelieveInBookFairies


Kayleigh invited me to be her author spotlight for the month, I answered Kayleigh’s questions and she also reviewed Clipped Wings. Have a read and find out what Kayleigh thought of Clipped Wings here


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