How do I feel as a woman?

I love and I hate it.

I hate it because being a woman isn’t always easy in fact it can be completely unbearable at times. Most of my own issues were when I was growing up, I was either wolf whistled at for wearing a skirt or I was picked on for having no breasts. I actually decided to go tomboy for a while and in fact I wished I was a boy back then, at the time I didn’t know why but looking back I remember it was for the lifestyle they have (or what I perceived it was).

Of course when I entered the relationship that was abusive I was treated like a 1950’s house wife. I was stripped of been able to feel feminine or the woman I wanted to be. Towards the end I was a robot living by the many standards and rules he had coded me to obey, a sad life to live with no voice.

So whilst we have been celebrating International Women’s Day we also need to be thinking about all those women in a refuge, all those women in abusive relationships, all the women who are survivors and all those women who speak out against domestic abuse.

I love being a woman in 2018 because I am able to speak out and voice what needs to be heard. I love that I can dress how I would like, be my own character, have a different sense of freedom, lets face it I can be who I want to be.

This evening I am asking you not only to think but also to stand with me, stand with me to help block the road to Isolation Junction. Isolation Junction is a place no one should visit, no one should be made to feel like they have no one and no where to turn.

Feel free to take a look at my Facebook page, Twitter (@JenLGilmour – #IsolationJunction and @AbuseChat – #AbuseTalk) or Instagram account to like, comment and share posts. Even sharing a post brings awareness, how many people will see it? How many will have been in an abusive relationship? How many people are in an abusive relationship?

1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men

I also want to share something exciting that happened today, I was mentioned as “one of the most amazing women to watch for 2018” on  CCChat Magazine’s cover. I can’t wait to read this edition and I am proud to be next to other amazing women in the sector.

Here is the cover:

You can tweet CCChat Magazine with #CCChatMagazine and #MakingTheInvisibleVisible

Supporting all of these types of campaigns of awareness is imperative to us being heard.

Fierce, independent people with a strong sense of community and very creative brains. A race where women were equals. Willing to overcome anything and pull together for the sake of all.

Find out more about why #PictPublishing was for me on their blog post today, why pict?  

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