Happy Monday everyone!

Sharing my thoughts, well thats something different for me isn’t it?

I guess it is in a way because I am going to be doing a series on my new(ish) YouTube channel. It’s different to a blog post or one of my long posts on any of my social media. I felt it was something I ought to do because I can be a bit more personal this way. I have a lot of ideas for the channel and this is a series alongside other material.

Today my first thoughts video has gone up on YouTube, if you haven’t subscribed to my channel then please do. Be a founder to its growth.

Other videos are available to watch and include how to videos on #AbuseTalk, how to use the forum, how to join in with the Twitter chat and what its all about. It’s free and something to take advantage of.

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  1. Mai Taylor

    You are so brave going up on camera Jen! I don’t think I could do that. What you have achieved, and are continuing to achieve is just amazing. xx

  2. Sharon

    I agree, so brave, I couldn’t bare to vlog. I look fine if someone is taking my picture but if I’m doing a selfie or recording myself I look awful, and sound it too with my dreadful brummie accent haha xx

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Awwww no! I don’t believe that at all. I think you would be awesome! X


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