Electroshock therapy, child abuse and modern-day slavery… just another day in Christine’s life.

Take a heart-wrenching yet inspiring ride through one woman’s incredible journey that is so compelling that you are simultaneously trying to look away and unable to stop yourself from reading on.

Christine’s father is a wealthy, tyrannical man renowned in the diamond business. At the age of just five, little Christine is cast aside into a boarding school where she is ridiculed for two embarrassing problems. She grows up in a never-ending circle of traumatic experiences both in her boarding school and at home. It culminates into a falling out between father and child that was never fully mended, leading her into a world of promiscuity and alcohol, eventually landing her in a violent marriage.

Driven to the limits of despair and heartache, she creates a plan to escape her world of misery. Will her plan work?

A story that asks: How do you find the strength, when you suffer almost unbearable abuse and are broken beyond repair, to pick up the pieces of a shattered life?

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My Review

When I started this book I had the view that I couldn’t be shocked by abuse anymore, especially as I read and talk about it every day. BUT this book stirred up shock, upset, anger and toward the end I was excited, amazed and motivated.

No Fourth River takes you through Christine’s life, right up to last year- 2017. Discovering the abuse she suffered with as a child within her family into her teens and adulthood with relationships.

I found No Fourth River difficult to read in the beginning, in fact it took me a lot longer to read then origionally planned. What Christine went through was unacceptable and as I read the pages I had goosebumps. Christine made me feel like I was a fly on the wall, the way she describes what happened to her made me feel a part of the moment. I was mindful of my own triggers and mindset to read this when I was able to. This isn’t a negative though, this is a positive attribute of the Author; to be able to have the ability to take the reader on a personal journey and feel the emotions they went through is a huge achievement.

I got to the turning points and the beginning of Christine’s success streak and don’t want to spoil it for others but this women has made me believe in my abilities once again. The achievements she made after leaving the abusive relationship right up until present day is phenomenal, her drive behind becoming a top achiever in her industry is inspirational.

I highly recommend No Fourth River to anyone looking to read something that stop you from giving up, for those looking for an inspirational story or perhaps realise that it doesn’t matter where you have come from and what you have been through. I have given this a 5 star review and it will be a book I will not forget, I feel ready to take on anything now, thank you Christine.

Further thoughts

Christine is always active online and we have had many tweets and emails, I am thankful for her support. I always want to support other writers that write about similar subjects as I and in link with CCChat Magazine. I usually have the opinion that nothing can shock me or surprise me BUT Christine has managed to do that in No Fourth River. I guess it was more the latter chapters and how successful she had become over the years. I developed this overwhelming feeling of amazement and awe for Christine’s achievements in fact she makes me realise that I can do what I want to do and achieve my own goals, my vision and my dreams could become a reality. You often hear about success stories but for some reason this one stuck with me and will stick with me the most.

When Christine heard I had finished the book she sent me a link which is for those who have finished reading her book, it went to a floating page on her website. The page collated images of the events and people in her book and I thoroughly enjoyed looking through them, what struck me most was how you can physically see her happiness in the photos with Richard. For those reading, you must finish so you can have a look through the images.

About the Author

Christine Clayfield is a mother, wife, author and entrepreneur.

She likes to look at the glass as half full and she thinks like there is no box.

When she is not working, she will probably be travelling, reading, watching a good movie or dining.

Christine has achieved recognition as a Bestselling Author for one of her Internet marketing books. She has written 6 books: 1 novel (her own life story) and 5 Internet marketing related books.

Christine’s past holds much pain and abuse, but it did not stop her from being the woman she is today by transforming her life and building the future she wanted.

With several successful businesses under her belt, Christine decided to become an author. She wants to empower and inspire the world with the release of “No Fourth River”, a novel, based on a true story: her own life.

Life was certainly no easy ride for her. To say she had a hard life as a child and a young adult, is an understatement. ‘No Fourth River’, is her way to let the world know that despite the pain of your past, YOU have the ability to change your future. YOU can make it happen if you just believe. It all starts with YOU.

Christine loves writing books and helping others to achieve business success! She has helped countless people to get to grips with making money online.

Find out more about Christine on her website and  find her on social media as follows:





I would also like to take a moment to thank Christine on giving me the opportunity to review her book and to open my eyes to what you can achieve despite your history. Thank you.

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