WOW, what a November I had and I am here to wrap it all up for you. BUT, with capitals of course, I have to say there has been so much work happening behind the scenes that I will be revealing soon and into 2019. I have my plan set up for 2019 and I cannot wait, I have a feeling about next year. Is it just me that gets that vibe? 

Here we go…

I have to give thanks to the lovely Sarah Anderson who has taken these beautiful images of my publications. I will certainly be using them on the website, I didn’t think book photography is a thing but it is and I love it. 


I was delighted to meet Jayne and Lyn who are the owners of The Hull Hub which is a new newspaper/magazine which is free to pick up in Hull, UK. I am even more thrilled that I will be doing a monthly column for book reviews as well as contributing with content from the local area. 


I want to bring your attention to a guest blog post which was left anonymously for me to post and share with you all. There is a trigger warning at the top of this post but I have shared it because I know others will relate to it, its very personal and brave to write such a piece. This poem has been written to help people understand what it’s like to be raped and it’s aftermath. The sender came through via #AbuseTalk and showing the importance of this community I have built. 


A poem was dedicated to me which I feel very honoured over, a tad emotional as well. You can read it here


I met the lovely Katie Wells who is a supportive blogger, thank you Katie. Her blog is down to Earth, honest and funny- K A Kenzie Writer and Duvet Dwellers Books. What a lovely chat we had and celebrations of Katie completing her 50,000 words this month for NaNoWriMo.


I left a copy of each of my books in Beverley using the #IBeliveInBookFairies stickers and # for everyone to find. I had some copies from before I was with Pict Publishing and a great way to bring awareness to domestic abuse, who knows who will pick them up and give them a read. 


That sums up this month BUT there’s so much I haven’t told you, cannot wait to reveal all. 

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