Today is Prime Day which starts at 12pm GMT.

If you didn’t know I have an affiliate account with Prime and so links in this blog post will link to my account and give me commission on any products sold through the links. I don’t know who buys what etc and it doesn’t cost you anymore (which is of course AWESOME).

Why buy through links to Amazon from my blog posts/website? 

The money goes towards the running of the Abuse Talk forum or supports the work I do with domestic abuse. As you know I do a lot of work behind the scenes and there is also work you see (EG the Twitter Chat #AbuseTalk). At the moment any money made goes back into the projects I am working on and the work I do to keep the ball rolling.

It takes seconds to click through a link and if you use Amazon already then theres nothing to loose.

What is Prime Day?

Its a day and a half of epic deals that are exclusive to Prime members.

Not a Prime Member? It’s ok, you can try it for FREE for 30 days via the link below.


I will be splashing out today on Prime Day (I love the Prime membership), so here’e my shopping list.

*Kindle Fire (for kids)

*Kinde Fire case

*Vest tops

*Waterproof Phone pouch

*Beach Towels


I am sure I will be tempted by some other things I come across but I am concentrating on the English heat wave – Can you tell?

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