Book Fairy Edition: Isolation Junction by Jennifer Gilmour (Paperback & eBook)


This book fairy edition is intended for you to place in a public place so that someone can discover it.

Together we are louder. Who will find them? Who will pass it on? How many people could it help?

If you don’t want to place it personally you can choose for me to place and I will share a video publicly for all to enjoy. With this edition you will also receive an eBook version to keep for yourself.

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100 reasons to leave, 1,000 reasons to stay

When Rose married the love of her life she was expecting the perfect family life she’d always dreamed of, but before her first child was born her husband, Darren, changed.

Almost overnight Rose‘s life is turned upside down and the life she’d envisioned seemed like an impossible dream.

As Darren‘s abuse deepens, Rose has 100 reasons to leave but 1,000s why she can’t. Will she ever escape the hellish life she and her children are trapped in?

Can Rose stop her life spiralling further out of control?
Can she find the life she desperately wants for her children?

Stuck at Isolation Junction, which way will Rose turn?

* * * * * * * *

This second edition details the emotional abuse one woman endured before finding the confidence to try to regain her independence. A story many people find themselves in but one which few find the strength to talk about, Isolation Junction takes us on a journey through the emotional nightmare of domestic abuse with the hope it will embolden others to find the courage to speak out.

* * * * * * * *

Praise for Isolation Junction

“Rose’s story is compelling, and I really admire the very unique treatment author, Jennifer Gilmour has given her novel; switching between past and present, weaving in uplifting moments of hope and happiness and laughter, too”5 stars from Isabella May

“I commend the author for her work on bringing this into the open”5 stars from Reader4life

“I certainly think that Isolation Junction will be of value to those in a similar situation as Rose, enabling them to see they are not alone, and those working with people subjected to domestic abuse in helping them to understand their experiences. Isolation Junction is both a moving and uplifting read”5 stars from Bloomin’ Brilliant Books

“A brave book to write, a delicate subject matter”5 stars from Misfits Farm (Top 1000 Reviewer)

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