See below the Terms and Conditions. If you have any queries then please get in touch with Jennifer Gilmour via email on:

Or alternatively use the contact page.

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By placing an order you will share your personal data with us, we retain and use all of the information strictly under the privacy policy. Date from orders will only be used to process the order and nothing else. Please see the privacy policy for more information on your personal date use.

Orders will not be sent out until full payment is received.

Once an order is placed you will receive a confirmation email.


Please allow 7 working days for your order to arrive if you reside in the UK, anywhere else please allow up to 20 working days.

Public Speaking Bookings 

Before booking a quote will be issued to the event organiser, if fee and specific t&c’s are agreed as on the quote then a booking fee will be required. The quote will last up to two weeks and the date will be reserved with Jennifer Gilmour, after the two weeks have passed Jennifer Gilmour reserves the right to book that date to another event organiser. To avoid disappointment please book within the two week quote/reservation period.

25% of the total cost will be required as a booking fee, this is a non refundable booking fee. Upon booking an invoice will be sent to the event organiser to refer to with any specifications which both parties agree to. Final payment is required the last working day before the event.


Those who sponsor the #AbuseTalk forum or any of my work via this website will have their own agreements via the forms completed and by the GoCardless Direct Debit Mandate. Each form has a term of service to notify when to come out of the agreement and this notice period must be served to allow me the time to amend the GoCardless website and the advertisement agreed sponsored space.

Consult your forms and mandate individually, if you require another copy then please contact me at


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