Life is busy and life can be full of things that we have to do, rather than things that we want to do. And when the days are like this and they all roll into one, it can definitely have an impact on how you are feeling and how much you want to do things. Some days we can feel on top of the world and motivated for change. Other days can really be a struggle just to get through. So if you are feeling a little like this, and you’re feeling a little stuck or like you are living someone else’s life, then here are some of the things that you can do to find yourself and take control back.


Quit Something

Sometimes all it can take is to shake things up a little to make a difference in your life, and by stopping something, you can do just that. It is quite interesting and amazing what can happen when you make a little room in your life. The things that you enjoy and that make you happy should be a key part of your life. But there are likely to be some things in life that weigh you down a little. If possible, those are the things to think about quitting. If you have some voluntary obligations, for example, that you really don’t need in your life right now, then let go. Think of the things that you don’t really need to do, but are currently in your life, and then go from there.

Just this month I had to close a Coffee, Cake & Craft group that I had set up and run for two years as part of a community outreach for a local church. It was a hard decision but it had become increasingly difficult for me to organise and find the time to put it all together alongside my other commitments. 


Embrace New Ways of Thinking

If you are feeling a little stuck in life, then it could be time to make some changes and think of new ways of thinking about things. Take an example of where you live; there are likely to be plenty of things that you no longer need or that just clutter up the place. But even though you haven’t used them in years, they can be hard to let go of. But if you think about those items differently, then it can help you to be happier, and make you feel like you can give them away and move on from them. It could be that you want to embrace new thinking in other aspects of life, like checking if the virgo horoscope this week is true for you, or thinking about new ways of doing things at work. Don’t get into a trap of ‘we have always done it this way.’ Instead, remember that innovation happens when we are willing to change and adjust how we do things.

For me I have had to change my way of thinking over a fear I have and that fear is of failing, ultimately that is preventing me from moving forward and I need to move forward to progress with my plans. If I had just gotten over the fear then I would have been somewhere completely different and a lot faster now. 


Stop Putting Your Dreams on Hold

If you have known for a long time in life the things that you have wanted to do, then it can be difficult to let go of the dreams that you have had. But up until now, have you been doing just that? If you have been putting things on hold for yourself, then it can be really difficult to then try to pursue your dreams again. So stop putting things off and make plans to get you to where you want to be; no excuses.

My dreams feel so far out of reach but when I look back on what I have achieved in the last five years I think to myself ‘where am I going to be in another five years?’. I know that my dreams are possible and I am not going to put them on hold any longer. 


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