Over the years I have been writing I have certainly improved and gained a method but I could have used some help in my early writing months. I lacked confidence and used to get a family member to read over anything and potentially edit, I was worried it was rubbish or that my message wouldn’t come across correctly. From articles, blog posts to social media posting, I was concerned with so many different things and I quickly learnt that I was overthinking it a lot of the time. If I had of known about different digital ways of improving my confidence or to do something to make me feel I was improving I know this wouldn’t have been the case. 

Whether you’re trying to write a novel or just enjoy writing, like everything, there’s always the opportunity to improve yourself and do better and I certainly strive to keep on learning. So here are just a few tips to help improve your writing.


Start A Blog

Being able to write a blog has become quite an enjoyable thing for a lot of people now do since the internet has come about. There are 4 Steps To Starting Your Own Successful Blog, and this can be a great way to help improve your writing. What the topics you write about and the amount of content you publish is completely in your hands. This is probably the most exciting bit about blogging because it’s a small chunk of the internet that you own, and you can do anything with. It’s also a space where you don’t need to apologise for bad grammar or expressing what might be a controversial viewpoint. Whatever you want to do is up to you and may have managed to craft careers out of blogging itself.


Find Your Writing Style

As you find your writing improves, you may find yourself creating your own writing style that works for you. If you haven’t already, then now is the right time to start finding what style and format that you like writing in. Maybe you prefer something more personable, or perhaps you like to keep it more formal and informative. It all depends on what you want to do for the main part of your writing career. There might be plenty of times where you need to adapt and write different for clients, so it’s good to vary your talents in each style of writing as you go.


Brush Up On The Finer Details

Brushing up on your grammar and ensuring you are spelling everything correctly and in relation to the country’s way of spelling is always handy. You might want to install an add-on for your browser on your electronic devices. These add-ons can help spell check and adjust anything automatically that isn’t right. It’s like having a mini proof-reader working for you, and that can be handy for you and your work. But remember to check the country it is set to and always give it a read through, I find it handy for using it on social media posts when I am in a rush. 


Attend Workshops

Workshops and training sessions for writing can certainly come in handy and you can learn a lot about those who are already well established in the industry and have a lot of experience in certain areas of writing that you need advice on. Particularly when it might come to pitching to clients as a freelancer or knowing how to write a book from a published author. It’s important to invest in the future in some way, shape, or form. It helps to build on what you already know or perhaps what you don’t know yet. Either way, it’s a good time and money well spent. 


Improving your writing is certainly very handy, so do what you can to build up a portfolio and experience. Pay to learn knowledge from the professionals and use every opportunity out there to work on your content and writing style. 

Enjoy your writing experience and gain confidence in yourself. 

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