Do you like to write?

Maybe you write for fun, write newsletters, articles, emails, storys, letters, blog or even your own novel. Even if you don’t write you do 😉 Texts, social media statuses, complaints, application forms or dreaded bank forms.

So whens a good time and where? Have you ever had to step back from writing because your tired or can’t think of what to put down on paper or phone?

I have my note book and then the genuis of Apple to which i have my lovely Pages app letting me link to my iMac, iPhone and iPad. Whatever i write its updated on all the devices which is fantastic as it means that literally anywhere anytime that i have the urge or the spare time i can get tapping away- of course this is for the intial first draft.

Well here is where i write and this involves finding a “good time”.
1. My duvet, there are some unusual days when i wake up naturally instead of the kids getting me up and i have some early morning writing. After all you are most productive in the morning.


2. In the garden, soaking in the sun and gaining that vitamin D and having that time out lets your mind wander and you imagination kick in- thoughts are great of course.


3. In the car- or more looking at loose time (when your waiting for an appointment, your child to finish a class, picking someone up etc).


4. In a coffee shop- Your enjoying your hot chocolate, coffee, latte or whatever your favourite hot drink is and of course a slice of cake. There’s business folk around on their laptops and others writing, often or not its quite peaceful or pleasent.


So when is a good time?

Anytime- of course perhaps not if your at work or driving BUT you can make the most out of those gaps or take the time out to get writing.

Happy writing or texting or tapping.



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