Over the past few years I have seen Hull in a different way, I have opened up the potential of Hull and as a part of my writing. I want to be clear that I am Hullensian and I couldn’t be prouder, to give you a bit of my background read this blog ‘Made in Hull’. 

What can Hull offer an aspiring writer?


1. It’s stunning locations and I am just naming a few. 

Even though the Humber Bridge isn’t in Hull it is the gateway to Hull because when you see this impressive bridge, you know you are home. It has a lovely country park underneath and around it via Hessle Foreshore. I have spent many walks and quiet time on a bench looking onto the Humber Bridge. This has to be the most poignant to me so wanted to let you all know this is how I feel when I see that amazing piece of architecture. 

Other places to soak up;

Hull Marina

Queen Victoria Square

Trinity Market

The Deep

The Deep


These places are perfect to collect your thoughts, people watch, explore, soak in some history and refuel. Oh the life of a writer. 


2. It’s vast amount of free events. 

The two I go to each year are The Freedom Festival and Pride in Hull. 

The Freedom Festival is there to celebrate freedom through arts and culture which was inspired by Hull-born freedom advocate, William Wilberforce. This year they have five days of entertainment, stalls, artists, interactive art and more and takes over the whole city centre. 

Freedom Festival 2018

Freedom Festival 2018- A toilet selfie was a must


Pride in Hull is an event that is a celebration for the LGBT+ community, anyone can get involved and attend. It starts with a fantastic parade which leads you into Queens Gardens where there is a concert to enjoy with stalls and other happenings. 

Pride in Hull 2019

Pride in Hull 2019- Parade


Perfect to soak up the atmosphere, meet people from around the city, explore what Hull has to offer. Lots to absorb as a writer. 


3. The history 

I have already mentioned William Wilberforce but there is a wealth of history to unfold and the free Hull Museums open up the doors to this. Not just about our city and the changes throughout the centuries but also iconic people and what Hull has brought to the world. 

Because I am talking about writing I would like to mention three people that I admire who have links with Hull, past and present. 

Philip Larkin (1922-1985) was a poet and you will see him as the first statue if you arrive into Hull from the train. Philip’s poetry was about emotions, places, and relationships. 

John Godber is a writer and actor, I was fortunate to meet him when I was studying Acting at Hull College in my teens. His productions were the only thing I would watch at Hull Truck when the theatre was on Spring Street. 

Val Wood is a best selling and award winning novelist, her books are set in and around Hull. Val has a yearly entry for the Val Wood Prize of which there is a cash prize and will be announced publicly at Hull Central Library. 

Perfect to gain knowledge, inspiration and motivation as a writer. 


4. The people

Whenever I have told someone where I am from if they have visited Hull they have always mentioned how friendly we are, that there’s a lovely community and there’s nowhere like it. As a writer I am thankful to those who have supported me locally, from the public to the media. There are opportunities too unfold. 

Freedom Festival 2018- Community Feastival

Perfect to network, engage, get involved and grow as a writer. 


5. Capital of Culture 2017

We can’t forget that Hull was awarded Capital of Culture 2017 and what a year it was. I have never felt so proud and it certainly has given people an opportunity to see what Hull is all about. The celebrations have carried on and it will certainly leave a mark in our history. 

Hull Capital of Culture 2017 opening

A perfect reason to come and check out Hull.



There are so many reasons to visit Hull and I have mentioned a handful that have helped me as a writer.

If you are looking at the University of Hull or perhaps you are going through clearing then I hope this has helped to give you a different view of what Hull can provide. 

I mentioned about community, I’m happy to meet up for coffee. 


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