I am thrilled to open this new blog entitled ‘The Fox Stories’ as it means I get to write about more positive things. As you can no doubt imagine, writing about something that is so close to home (domestic abuse) can be sometimes daunting and weigh heavily on the mind. These stories, however, are going to be my ‘diamonds in the rough’.
The Fox Stories are true stories that have happened in real life and are taken from my own memories. Their origin goes back a few years back now, but I as I have to start somewhere, the beginning seems like a good place.

I know some of you are excited about the opening of this blog because you know how I have a love of foxes and in this first blog post I am about to tell you exactly why. I do tend to get a lot of tags and posts on my timeline of fox related products, images or anything fox related from friends and connections who now look at foxes and think of me. I love this so please, if you read this, keep them coming.

An unexpected sign

In the beginning, there was an unexpected sign. Some years ago now, I spent just over a month living in some shared accommodation. This took the form of a house share with a lovely family. I knew it was the right place to live at that time because there were two black labradors.My Auntie, who I was very close to, and who had died a couple of years earlier, had two black labradors so it made me feel familiar and welcome. The house was huge and had space for four tenants. I was one of them and my (now) husband, Rob, was another. It had an outdoor swimming pool situated in the large grounds which even housed a couple of horses.

At the time I had known Rob for just a few weeks and I was, feeling wary of people as I had just come out of an abusive relationship. Rob was a friend and willing to help me. I won’t go into detail here but suffice to say I was feeling the need for a sign that I could trust this man who was so selfless and willing to help me. Somehow it felt too good to be true and I felt undeserving and wary.

Rob and I had worked together for a short period of time. He was in fact the manager at the retail establishment where I worked. One way of motivating the staff was that he used to let us pick out playlists on our phones (as long as they were appropriate) to put through the shops speakers. I got the opportunity once with my playlist which was on Spotify, and for those who don’t know Spotify you can have unlimited music to listen to for a subscription or a certain amount of hours a month for free. I had downloaded a playlist but I was unaware that it hadn’t fully downloaded. The effect of this was that we had approximately eight songs going through a cycle but one that stuck out (to Rob’s annoyance but to the staffs amusement and excitement) was the very popular hit of the time “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)” by Ylvis. If you haven’t heard of it then you can watch below because I am sure you will have listened to it. It is one of those irritating songs that you come to love (or hate even more) a bit like the Crazy Frog. I loved the song. So did the rest of the staff and even customers would bop to it. It had certainly struck a chord in Rob’s mind and he would laugh about it with other staff members.

Rob and I spent a lot of time together at Newlyn as he lived in the room next to mine. As I mentioned before Newlyn was a big house and we hadn’t explored all the areas of it. We had however, worked out that the hoover lived under the stairs but we had never gone around to explore that side of the house. The stairs were in the centre of the house and you could go right around them with rooms, a reception area and hall way surrounding them. There was no need to go around the back but on doing so, to our delight it was beautiful with another fireplace to welcome us. When Rob opened the under the stairs cupboard door to recover the hoover an automatic light switched on.

I particularly remember Rob coming up to my room and telling me that I had to come downstairs to see something. I was concerned there was something wrong or that our landlords may have something private hidden in this cupboard. Who knows what it could have been? As Rob opened that cupboard door and the automatic light switched on, I turned to him rather anxiously. The cupboard under the stairs was filled with pictures of foxes, some were photos and some art work. It wasn’t something you would normally see. I have to admit we both were spooked out as I had asked for a sign and there it was. Unbeknown to me at the time was that foxes would have a bigger part to play than just in this crazy song we had decided to laugh about. Rob turned on the hall way light as he searched the wall for it with his hands. We turned around to see the whole hall way around the back of the house was covered in foxes, the fireplace mantelpiece had ornaments on and the walls there were framed illustrations. I can only describe the moment as weird but wonderful as we were holding hands and almost seeing something with wonder and shock, we were simply freaked out at the time. We didn’t know whether to laugh or to be concerned. It was then that I told Rob openly and honestly that I had asked for a sign, it sounded silly but look at what I got; it couldn’t be missed.

We hadn’t realised how much foxes were going to be a part of our future and what they would represent. We are no longer ‘freaked out’ by and fox signs but find that it offers a comfort and you honestly wouldn’t believe how often a fox has appeared in our lives at the moment when we have needed reassurance or guidance.

I look forward to sharing the next fox story with you as part of this series.

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