A record of the press coverage and mentions


26th November 2019: LBC News 

National daily news share my comments on domestic abuse for their article on White Ribbon Day, you can read my comments on their article here


20th November 2019: BBC Radio Humberside 

I went in for the paper review on the Jame’s Piekos early morning breakfast show but we also talked a bit about my award win. The paper review means I pick up to four stories from the local and national press to talk about with feelings and opinions, you can listen to it here


18th November 2019: Hull Live

Online on the 18th and in a double page spread on the 19th November 2019. Local news publication Hull Live share my news with the world, that I won a European Award and I told them about what life was like after domestic abuse. Read the full article here


30th October 2019: That’s TV Humber

I was interviewed regarding my European Award win, it was broadcast on local television and placed onto the TV Facebook page. Here’s the clip for you to watch: 


30th September 2019: The Hull Hub

The local free paperzine shared the news of my shortlisting for the UK European Social Media Awards for using social media for good, you can read the online article here


20th September 2019: Hull Daily Mail

A follow up article to announce my shortlist for the UK European Social Media Awards for using social media for good, read the article here.


25th June 2019: BBC Radio Humberside

I spoke with Caroline about Freelancing for James Piekos breakfast show, talking about the benefits of freelancing and how it helps me with what I do in my life. You can listen up to 30 days at points 2:09 and 2:53 here.


20th April 2019: Daily Mail Online / The Mirror / The Sun / Daily Record / Network of News UK / News One Place 

The article that originally was published with Hull Daily Mail was taken nationally and was shared on Daily Mail Online / The Mirror / The Sun  / Daily Record / Network of News UK / News One Place / am sure there were other platforms shared on as well.

This was my first national press digital appearance.


20th April 2019: Hull Daily Mail

I was contacted in regard to the event I am speaking at in June (Stella and friends). I was asked to talk about my experience in link with this event and here is the article which was published on page 5 of the Hull Daily Mail and online here.


5th April 2019: BBC Culture Night

I joined Loren Fox and Kerrie Marsh for their BBC Culture Night show on BBC Radio Humberside. I spoke to them about the Middle Child Production I went to see at Hull Truck ‘Us Against Whatever’ . I also spoke to them about my work and the book signing at WHSmith the next day. You can listen up to 30 days and its at 2:08 here.


11th March 2019: The Creative Planner Magazine

I reviewed a social media and content planner that I used last year and re-purchased this year, my review is published in this digital magazine spring edition and can be found on page 6 & 7. You can read the magazine for free here.


6th March 2019: KCFM 

I was contacted to be interviewed in link to a post I had published on Facebook. Soundbites from my interview went up hourly in the morning not the news headlines as well as this article published on their website.


9th February 2019: BBC No Filter

A short clip filmed by BBC No Filter which shows a glimmer of my experiences of coercive control, this was published on their Facebook page. The BBC No Filter project is to talk about the hard hitting topics and take the filter away from the usual BBC material, with a younger audience in mind as well. You can watch the clip here.


4th February 2019: BBC Radio Humberside 

I was invited into the studio to talk about my experiences of domestic abuse on the BBC No Filter programme. Subject of conversation was in line with #itsnotok awareness week. You can see a short clip of me below but you can listen to the whole interview which is spread across an hour here


24th January 2019: Merchant Cash Express

I was asked for my contribution on my thoughts on the term ‘mumpreneur’, you can find out why and my opinion here on this article


20th December 2018: Writers Online

I am a subscriber to the Writers Magazine and am delighted to have my debut novel Isolation Junction on their showcase for a limited time, see it here


19th December 2018: BBC Radio Humberside

Interviewed by Sally Fairfax about the term mumpreneur and my link to BizMums. You can listen up to a week after broadcast here at 2:15- 2:20: here


18th, 21st, 25th December 2018: Chat and Spin Radio 

Interviewed by Ian and Ron on the driveway show about the work I do, my new Drip creator profile and what Christmas can mean for victims of domestic abuse. Find out more about Chat & Spin Radio here.


12th December 2018: BBC Radio Humberside 

A returning interview with David Burns to talk about my creator status with Drip which is a pilot scheme by Kickstarter. I am one of ten in the UK in which I am active on this invite only platform. We talked about my status with The Hull Hub and also my publications as well.

You can listen for up to a week after the interview on BBC iPlayer at 2:18:45-2:26 here on Radio Humberside.


12th December 2018: The Hull Hub 

An editorial on my journey of life after abuse, including the local support I received and linking to other support available in the Hull and East Riding area.

Read about my publications and the work I do as an advocate.

This was a full page spread and including my new monthly column for book reviews which I will be reviewing local authors, indie authors, positive books and seasonal books.

Read issue 2 here: The Hull Hub




10th December 2018: Fun with Peter & Paul with Special Guests

The Peter & Paul is a fictional news feed on Twitter, it’s just a bit of fun and in link to the BBC. I found my cartoon quite humorous, what do you think?



25th August 2018: BBC Radio Humberside 

I was invited to do the news review for the morning at BBC Radio Humberside with Phil White, I spoke about my work and reviewed the headlines from the newspapers. You can hear me from 1:20 and 1:40 hours/minutes in here (content available for a month).


12th & 15th June 2018: Chat & Spin Radio

Interviewed by Ian and Ron on the driveway show about the Derwent Valley Literacy Festival that I am taking part in as an author. Letting everyone know about the very first literacy festival which is FREE and jam packed with authors and entertainment. Find out more about Chat & Spin Radio here.


30th May 2018: UK Says No More 

I was excited to calibrate with UK Says No More last week in their #WhatICanDo campaign week. They became a guest host for #AbuseTalk providing us with their questions and their responses. UK Says No More kindly mentioned #AbuseTalk on their blog in the support it gave them. Read the article here.


30th May 2018: Planet Radio

Not book related but I had tweeted the previous evening during the Britains Got Talent Semi Finals regarding the amount of references to The Greatest Showman. It happened to get picked up and placed on this piece of news, read the article here.


21st May 2018: Chronic Pain Blog

A fellow blogger who congratulates me on my latest news as well as all the nominees. Read her post here.


20th May 2018: Pict Publishing

My publishers celebrated in sharing my news of my recent award win, you can view their supporting blog post here.


19th May 2018: Sacha Black

Sacha Black is the lady who brought together Blogger Bash Awards. I was nominated for the Most Informative Blog 2018 and I found out via her announcement blog that I won it. I couldn’t believe it, here is the blog post with the news on it.


27th March 2018: BBC Three Countries Radio 

Hear my interview with Andy Collins regarding coercive control and the impact it has on the victims life. You can listen to the interview 1 hour 5 minutes in for up to a week from when it aired, listen here.


5th March 2018: Chill with a book awards

My latest publication received a readers award, you can find out more about the award here.


23rd February 2018: Pict Publishing 

Not so much a press article but this is from my publishers and welcoming me on board. I am thrilled to be a part of Pict Publishing because their ethos give’s women with empowering stories a voice. Read the full post here.


14th December 2017: BBC Three Counties Radio

Discussing controlling partners on the JVS show, I express a glimpse of what it is like to be in a controlling relationship. You can listen in at 1:22 into the show to hear what I had to say, it will only be available for a week here.


7th November 2017: Hull Daily Mail 

I was disappointed that the customer couldn’t be helped and I do believe exceptions can be made for those occasions when someone is in need of assistance. I tweeted about it and it reached the Hull Daily Mail. Hopefully this gives a voice to the minority and vulnerable as I do with my work in the domestic abuse sector. Read the full article over on there website here.

Photograph sent by a reader with thanks


31st August 2017: Just Beverley 

Caroline Aitken was featured in the Just Beverley magazine but also mentioned her fellow BizMum’s in the East Yorkshire area who stand with her as finalists for a BizMum Award in the 4th Annual BizMum Awards 2017. I of course am a finalist for the Inspirational BizMum Award and so my name is featured in here. Issue 32 on page 13, read it here.


6th August 2017: Chester Chronicle 

An online version of the newspaper article (2nd and 3rd August 2017) went live on the Chester Chronicle’s website. You can read about the feature on their site here.


4th August 2017: Chat & Spin Radio

Another interview on Chat and Spin radio and this time it was a quick 10 minute interview on the rush hour show. You can find out more about Chat and Spin Radio here on their website.


4th August 2017: BBC Radio Humberside 

I will returned to BBC Radio Humberside on the Burnsey show at 10.30am. I spoke about my recent finalist status for the Inspirational BizMums Award 2017 and about my debut novel, I also shared a glimmer of my next project. You can listen to a recording around 1 hour 47 minutes in and this is available for a limited time only, listen here.

I received a great response from the interview including a few male victims of domestic abuse and hope to work with them in my next project.


3rd August 2017: Chester Chronicle 

Due to be in this edition of the Chester Chronicle. I am a former student of University of Chester and so I have a link with Cheshire in that way, I also lived in Chester for around 8 years of my life.


2nd August 2017: Ellesmere Port Pioneer

A full feature in the Women 2 Day section of the newspaper written by Carmella De Lucia went out in today’s paper. I am a former student of University of Chester and so I have a link with Cheshire in that way, I also lived in Chester for around 8 years of my life. There isn’t a digital version of this article but you can find out more about the newspaper on their website here.

Photograph sent in by a reader with thanks


31st July 2017: Chat and Spin Radio

Another interview on Chat and Spin radio and this time it was a quick 10-15 minute interview on the breakfast show. You can find out more about Chat and Spin Radio here on their website.


27th July 2017: Chat and Spin Radio 

I was interviewed by Simon Smith at 7pm about my debut novel and my finalist status for the BizMum Inspirational Mum Award. There isn’t a recording of it but it was a fabulous interview that was half an hour long and I even got to choose a song to play. See Chat and Spin Radio’s website here.


19th July 2017: FADV

I have linked with the FADV (Fight Against Domestic Violence) on a couple of occasion’s, You can find out more about that through my blog posts on saying no more and having my survivor story on cards at the FADV luncheon in Salt Lake City. On the FADV website you can read my survivor story.


27th June 2017: Hull Echo

Hull Echo is a website with the local news, views and whats on in the Hull area. I was featured in an article about my recent nomination for the BizMums Inspirational Mum Nomination for 2017, you can read more here.


21st June 2017: Estuary TV

Estuary Evening News at 5.30pm LIVE, I was interviewed at their studio and it was available in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire on Freeview Channel 7 and Virgin 159. Even you weren’t local you could still watch it on their Facebook page as it was broadcasted LIVE there. This was my first TV appearance and you can watch the clip here, around 6 1/2 minutes in.

21st June 2017: Emma The Little Bookworm

Emma has kindly shared my press release about my nomination for the Inspirational BizMum award, the support from bloggers like Emma is an important part of my writers life and I always thank them for their time. Thank you once again Emma. To read the press release visit Emma’s blog here.


15th June 2017: Hull Daily Mail

Using some of the online article to feature in the newspaper itself in regards to the BizMums nomination. The article was featured on page 9.


12th June 2017: Hull Daily Mail

I was recently nominated for ‘Inspirational Mum’ award in the BizMums Conference & Awards 2017, find out why I have been nominated and my response with a video clip on the Hull Daily Mail website here.


5th June 2017: UK Cache Mag

This is an article in the Jun-July issue of the UK Cache Mag is based on a new hobby I have adopted with my husband and children- Geocaching. I mentioned how it has not only given us a great outdoor lifestyle but it has helped from a writing perspective as well. You can download a copy of the magazine online here, I have also set up a family blog for our new hobby and it will soon feature there.


2nd May 2017: Hull City of Culture 2017 (Hull 2017)

2017 marks Hull as City of Culture, throughout the year each Monday they release a challenge to the people of Hull. I joined in straight away in the first week of January and in this article you can see my entry for week 1 featured by Hull 2017. I was delighted to notice this mention when doing some more research for another challenge. See the article here.


5th April 2017: BBC Radio Humberside

A call in and chat with David Burns (radio broadcaster of the year 2015) about the news on Mel B and coming out with her news that she was in an abusive relationship with her husband, expressing my thoughts, feelings, concerns and of course my book.


25th March 2017: Inks and Scratches Literacy Magazine

A four page spread on an article I wrote on ‘finding your why’, I talk about the message behind my novel and why its important that I am passionate about my work. You can purchase it on Amazon Kindle (free for Kindle Unlimited) and also on Paperback.


16th March 2017: For Reading Addicts

An online article about my discovery following on from Hull Daily Mail’s article and the social media presence that was received with my post, read more here.


16th March 2017: Hull Daily Mail 

I discovered hundreds of books dumped into a skip locally due to the closure of an independent book shop, I posted the findings on social media as it’s a shame for them to go to waste. They could have been donated to women’s refuge’s, charity shops, homeless shelters or more. Read the full article online which links in with Isolation Junction as well, here.


5th October 2016: BBC Radio Humberside

A studio live interview with David Burns (radio broadcaster of the year 2015) about the book, my own experiences and my future plans. Burnsy instructed he would leave a copy of the book in the reception if anyone listening would like to read it- you never know who it could help.


18th August 2016: KCFM

A radio interview with me regarding my feelings on domestic abuse and an article featured on the website going into more detail about the upcoming release of the book. See the article online HERE.


16th August 2016: Hull Daily Mail

Article in the local newspaper and on their website. See the article online HERE.

5th August 2016: 6 Towns Radio 

A radio interview with me regarding the upcoming release of my novel and its aim.


22nd March 2016: The Huffington Post 

My own article on The Huffington Post, you can view my blogger profile HERE and the article ‘Life After Domestic Abuse’ HERE.

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