Did you know that aside from a writer, I am a Senior Lead Jamberry Consultant?

I joined Jamberry in April last year when it launched in the UK. One of my motivations was because I love getting my nails done but like many mums I didn’t have the time or the money to go to the salon and simply couldn’t afford the time or the money to repeat this each month. However, once I had tried Jamberry nail wraps, I realised that I had found my answer, as I simply fell in love with the product; the company and the fact that you could choose from over 300 designs. An added bonus is that they are better for your nails as they are 5 toxin free. What a product!

I hadn’t actually anticipated that my journey as a Jamberry consultant would take me this far, this quickly. Last year I achieved 4 promotions and completed a number of incentives as well! This in addition to publishing my first book and being a busy mum to a six, four and under one year old!

Jamberry has helped in so many ways. Firstly, I was still caught in a financial trap from my previous abusive relationship as well as still having to pay off the legal costs of freeing myself from this situation. Everything was kept to a minimum as a family and we were rarely able to afford many luxuries. Joining Jamberry changed that for me and for my family last year. Firstly, by working hard it helped to raise the extra money for that trip to the cinema or day out and by the end of last year Jamberry had paid for a couple of passports; a little family holiday to London; our Christmas food shop; and a weekend away for me in Newcastle with a couple of my ‘Jam recruits’. I even went to the conferences and meetings Jamberry hosted and paid for them out of my JamPay. An added bonus was that there was some money to spare to pay off some more of my legal costs. Jamberry really changed my life and not just mine but that of my family.

Sadly, statistics show that domestic abuse does not stop when a relationship ends and in my case this has proved to be true.

You can imagine my excitement therefore, when I heard that Jamberry are setting up a Foundation to help those who are suffering from domestic abuse and to raise awareness of it.

Last year I had the opportunity to speak with Jared Richards (President of Jamberry) as I hosted the Leeds area meeting. I spoke with Jared about domestic abuse and a snippet of what I had been through and it was obvious from this conversation that it held a great interest for him. I told him a bit about my book and how Jamberry has helped me. I didn’t think that he would remember me although I felt that I had connected with him.

I then saw the announcement about Fight Against Domestic Violence (FADV) on this video and Jared mentioned him speaking with someone writing a book at the time. I have since spoken to Jared to let him know about the release of my novel and how I am excited about the direction that Jamberry is moving in.

Jamberry says: “The purpose of FADV is to help women mobilize to raise money for an underfunded cause and awareness through social media and one-on-one interactions. It will also provide resources to help educate you so you can be a safe resource for those in need.”

I was even more delighted when Jared sent back a selfie of himself holding my book, especially because my author photo on the back of the book is of me wearing my Jamberry scarf. Isn’t that a coincidence? He had already bought a copy of my book, which beat my offer of sending him one! That said, how exciting that on this photo he is wearing the special charity wrap out today.

This month Jamberry are saying, “No more” with a special charity nail wrap in which a £2.50 of the proceeds from the sale of the wrap will go towards local domestic violence organizations in our communities and will count towards the ‘No More Challenge’.

If you would like to purchase the wrap you can either contact me directly for free shipping or buy now through clicking on the image. Orders for the wraps going through me personally or clicking through the HULL DAP party link on my website will ensure that a further £1 per set of wraps sold will be donated to Hull DAP personally by me. If you place an order for anything else I will donate 10% of the profit from that sale as well. See info below on Hull DAP and why I am donating money.

At the Jamberry conference last year I also got to meet two of the three founding sisters of Jamberry and had a few moments to tell them about my book. I had my proof copy at hand at the time and got a quick picture.

If you want to find out more about Jamberry then you can head to my website. If you would like to be a part of this amazing company with the link to FADV then you can join as a consultant and even be a part of my amazing, achieving team. (check out the info here).

Connect with me via email or my Jamberry Facebook page.

“The Hull DAP team are a group of professionals who work together in the same office to provide a support service for victims/survivors of domestic abuse and where possible, hold abusers accountable for their behaviour. The team consists of specialist practitioners who all have extensive knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse and include: domestic abuse support workers, housing advisors, a social worker, a health practitioner, addictions workers and police domestic violence coordinators. Hull DAP can support you regardless of age, gender, religion, race, culture, ability,sexuality and social class.”
This was taken from HULL DAP‘s website.

I first found out about HULL DAP when I went on a 3 day awareness course which lead onto a 14 week course called BRAVE. If it wasn’t for the BRAVE course I wouldn’t have realised that this behaviour is common and been driven to bring awareness of domestic abuse in this way. I am very grateful to HULL DAP and their support as I one of their workers accompanied me to some court hearings. This I found to be a great help as often when you as the victim you are expected to go into a court room with the person who abused you on your own or with your solicitor. Family courts need to relook at their expectations with regard to victims of domestic abuse – but that is another topic for another day.

If you have any thoughts or want any further information then please do get in touch with me.

Thank you for your continued support.

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