Do you Doodle?

Do you doodle? I used to love to doodle and I also fell in love with art when I was younger. Both of my parents were very artistic, my dad was a sign writer in his early years and sketched as a hobby. I took to it in school and did it as a GCSE, I found...

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July/August Wrap up

I know its a monthly wrap up but I am wrapping up two months, I had a 3 week break end of July and into August. I am glad I had the break because I needed some time off to get refreshed, I wasn't completely gone though because I had some lovely guest...

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Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes can be rather busy for me and so I want to share an inside into my holiday. My holiday prep began a few months before actually leaving, for me to have 'time off' is rather difficult as I have weekly commitments and usually people getting...

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Life Changing Counselling

When Jennifer Gilmour asked if I might write something from my experience of dealing with domestic abuse, it was harder than I’d imagined it would be. Following on from 26 weeks counselling through two different routes, while I came out the other side a...

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The Moment of Truth

I have a few songs whose lyrics have really helped me feel less alone in my journey towards recovery from abuse.  I had an abusive childhood (sexual, physical and emotional) involving all those around me. I now struggle with C-PTSD and developmental...

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One Endless Summer

It is summer, so I thought I better share this book by Laurie Ellingham. Better yet, it is also on offer at an amazing price of just 99p. One Endless Summer is in the UK Kindle Summer Sale.   Until 31st August it is only 99p! One Endless Summer How long...

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Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

You were married to a narcissist.  Things ended badly.  Now the hard part starts. How do you send your child(ren) into an environment where you know they will be abused, but cannot prove it?  There are no bruises, cuts, or broken bones, but the abuse is...

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Monster in the Mirror

Hi everyone, Before I hand over to Cassandra I wanted to welcome her back onto my blog. Cassandra has written as a guest for my blog before, read here previous post here. Now handing over to Cassandra herself... Hi ya'll! I have been hard at work on two...

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