Some sad news

Before you read on I want to let you know that there is a solution and that even though Drip is closing my work will still be going forward, it will be a case of finding the way forward. Read to the end to find out what I will be doing.    My...

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Join my Street Team

My Street Team has been open for over a year and we have achieved a lot as a group. I value each and every one of the members of this group and most contribute in different ways. Each helping to bring awareness to the work I do.  What are street...

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Sleeping Tips

A while ago I asked my street teamers what kind of blog posts they would like. I was interested to know what would be said and I felt it was important to talk about what you want to read. One of the topics was to do with sleeping and tips on how to get to...

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Social Day 19

For quite some time I have been connected with the lovely and beautiful Lucy Hall. I don't know how I originally got connected with Lucy but I do know that I loved her social media and content planner when I first grabbed a copy for the year 2018, I loved...

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Just Rose

Delighted to be taking part in L T Marshall's blog tour today for Just Rose. Leanne is also co-founder of Pict Publishing of which I am a part of and so I wanted to share this with you all today. Not only that but you will notice the title shares the same...

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Courage Queen – Book Review

I reviewed this book as part of my monthly book review column for The Hull Hub. Rachael is local to Hull and it was great to review a fellow author that is nearby.  Blurb Do you often feel worried? Or Anxious? Or Irritable? Or Stressed? This guide will...

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