Rock Pool Road Show

Some of you may remember Rock Pool and how I have mentioned their life changing training. What a journey I have been on...  I hope this visual I made helps: I started as a client on the recovery toolkit course which was provided by Hull DAP. I connected...

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This year I set myself a goal. In fact I set myself goals each year and usually have three large goals to complete. One of my large goals this year was to gain my first speaking gig. I have wanted to do this for a while and break into the speaking world...

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Little Moment of Calm Review

I invite you to join me for a moment of calm as you read about Sarah Northwood's new release. Take a moment out of your busy schedule and find out how you can take more time with inspiring poems and quotes with beautiful images. Blurb: Mindfulness is a way...

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The Right To Be Me- Review

I have gotten to know Stella Eden over Twitter over the last half a year if not longer. We both have passion to bring awareness to domestic abuse and involve ourselves in the sector. I was delighted to receive a signed copy of her book The Right To Be Me....

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A Perfect Moment?

I am delighted to be reviewing a different kind of book for you all today and have a giveaway for the cutest pocket journal ever! I am thankful to Ali Gill for giving me the opportunity to share this with you all especially as I write lots of negative...

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