Cassandra Jones Joins us Today

Hi guys. In light of recent events I want to talk to you about the ways people are affected by bullying. As a victim of not only emotional abuse, but also online bullying I know what it's like to want to make all the pain go away. Being bullied and abused...

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My Meaningful Purchase

This weekend I have bought something for myself and with a lot of final feelings. I will explain of course... I have had a rush of what freedom feels like once again, a few weeks ago it overcame me. In fact I was in shock for a while, I didn’t know whether...

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A Love Letter from Me

It's Valentine's Day and for those who are abused it can feel like a very confusing day with a possibility of gaining some nice love and attention from their abuser, perhaps not knowing whether the other side is going to make an appearance instead. If you...

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