Making friends can be tough, especially when you move to a new country. It takes time and effort to get to know people, and it can be difficult to find others who share your interests.

Coming out of an abusive relationship and moving accross the country back to my home city after almost a decade meant that I had to make new friends. It’s taken years to be happy with a small circle of close friends and connections but I had to start somwehere and that was mixing with other people. 

So if you’re feeling lonely and homesick, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! This collaborative blog post will discuss 13 tips for making friends after moving to a new country. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to making some new friends in no time!


1. Attend local events.

One of the best ways to meet new people is by attending local events in your community. By getting out into the community and meeting other locals, you’ll have a much easier time making friends after moving to a new country. You may even find some like-minded people who are interested in the same hobbies as you! It will be extremely helpful to do some research about events in areas that you’re interested in. For example, if you’re religious, it can be very helpful to talk to people after a Sunday Church Service. Similarly, if you’re interested in music, it may be an opportunity to meet people at a local concert or music festival.

2. Join a club or team.

Another great way to make friends after moving to a new country is by joining a club or team that interests you. Look online to find clubs that fit your interests, or ask around and see what people in your community are involved in. Joining a club or team will allow you to meet other people who share your passions, which can be a great way to forge lasting friendships. Joining a club or team doesn’t mean you have to be a specialist in a particular field of interest. For example, you can join a  motorcycle club, not forgetting to get covered by a motorcycle accident lawyer if you’re more confident with them.

3. Attend cultural events and classes.

In addition to attending local events, consider attending cultural events and classes in your new country as well. This could include anything from language immersion classes to cooking lessons at a local culinary school. By learning more about the culture of your new home, you’ll have even more things in common with the people you meet; and it will help ease any homesickness you may be experiencing! Doing some research online, you’ll be able to find cultural events and classes online in no time.

4. Volunteer with a local organisation.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your community. Search for volunteer opportunities on websites like VolunteerMatch, or contact the local council of your new city to find out what types of volunteer projects they offer and how you can get involved. You may even be able to find volunteer opportunities that allow you to work on projects that interest you, such as animal rescue or environmental conservation. In addition, volunteering is an opportunity to meet like-minded people, and you’ll make a real difference in your new community and better understand the people there.

5. Join a group chat on social media.

If you’re feeling lonely after moving to a new country, consider joining an online group chat on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Many groups exist specifically for expats living in different countries, so search the internet to find groups that meet your needs. This can be a great way to make friends who are facing the same challenges as you and have similar interests, and it will allow you to stay in touch with others from back home too! However, you’ll have to be careful about the types of groups you join. Some online communities may be a bit toxic or negative, so make sure to avoid those and only join groups with positive and supportive people.

6. Get out of the house.

While you’re adjusting to life in a new country, it’s important not to spend too much time alone at home. When you feel lonely after moving abroad, get out of the house as often as possible and try to do things that make you happy. Whether this means going for walks or just sitting outside for a while, keep yourself busy and engaged so that the days don’t start to feel like they’re passing you by. Oftentimes friendships can be made in the most unsuspecting places, so everyday activities like running errands or going to the grocery store can be great opportunities to meet new people.

7. Find a mentor or role model.

One of the best ways to start meeting new people after moving abroad is by finding a mentor or role model who can help guide you in your new home. Your new mentor or role model could be anyone from a coworker at your job to an acquaintance that you met on a recent trip, as long as they can offer some insight into what it’s like to live in your new city. Having someone you can go to for advice and support will make adjusting to life in your new country easier, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help! Asking someone to be your mentor can also help them feel appreciated and valued, which can be a great way to start building new friendships.

8. Get Involved In Local Community Groups Or Organisations.

Another great way to meet people after moving abroad is by getting involved in local community groups or organisations. This could include anything from joining a book club to attending community clean ups, as long as you find people who share your interests and values. Finding ways to connect with others in your new country can make the adjustment process feel much easier, and it will help you create lasting friendships along the way too!

9. Host a dinner party at your home.

One of the best ways to start meeting people after moving abroad is by hosting a dinner party at your home. Invite over some friends that you’ve already made, or ask around if any of your neighbours would be interested in attending. When hosting a dinner party for people you don’t know very well, try to keep the conversation light and fun. You should also have a variety of food and drink choices so that everyone has something to enjoy. Or you could host a potluck and ask everyone to bring a dish or drink to share with the group.

10. Find a job at a local business or organisation. 

A great way to meet individuals post-relocation is by landing a gig with a nearby business or organisation. This could be anything from a coffee shop to an art gallery, and working with others in similar situations will help you feel less isolated as you adjust to life in your new home town. Plus, having a job can give you something to do during the day so that you don’t feel like time is dragging on too slowly! There are various tips for making friends at work, too, so use these to help you get started in your new job.

11. Go out for drinks with coworkers. 

When it’s time for happy hour after work, be sure to take advantage of it by going out for drinks with your coworkers. This will help you get used to the local bar scene and feel more comfortable doing things on your own, and it will also give you plenty of opportunities to interact with others living and working in your city.


12. Go hiking or camping in your city or surrounding area.

A good way to start meeting people after moving abroad is by going on hikes or camping trips within your city or surrounding area. Not only will this give you plenty of opportunities to see some beautiful parts of your new home, but it will also help you feel more connected to your new community too. Plus, it can be a lot of fun to explore nature with friends and make lasting memories along the way!

13. Go to the library or read at a coffee shop. 

If you’d rather stay indoors when meeting people after moving abroad, consider going to the library or reading at a local coffee shop. This could include everything from checking out books on self-improvement to browsing for new recipes and cooking ideas, as long as it allows you to interact with others who live in your city too. Additionally, spending time alone doing things that you enjoy can be a great way to recharge and keep yourself motivated during this exciting time!

As someone who has recently moved abroad, there are likely countless ways that you’ve been trying to meet new people. Whether you’ve joined online forums, become active on social media sites, or attend networking events of any kind, chances are that you’ve taken plenty of steps to make friends in your new city. However, while all of these things can help you get out there and start building connections, they’re not always the most effective ways to meet people right away. Hopefully, our list of ways to meet people after moving abroad will give you some inspiration and help you get more comfortable and confident in your new home!


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