Last week my phone pinged with a notification and to my delight I read that a poem was dedicated to me.

Kate had told me it was related to this post…

Amanda stood and approached the rostrum,
She’d been told she’d not amount to anything,
That her abilities were at best average,
That she was too shy, too blond, too thin.
But here she was applauded enthusiastically,
Almost all in the room rising to their feet,
Yet from the back she still heard the whisper,
And her heart jumped and missed a beat.
How could they want to rob her of this,
The moment she’d dreamed of so long,
They and their meddling ways she thought,
In the past was where they should belong.
Amanda took a deep breath and swallowed,
And she began her speech none the less,
If they were here then she’d just show them,
Well she would definitely do her best.
First she thanked all for their attendance,
Then for the award she held up in her hand,
Given to her in recognition of her work,
In helping others like herself tall stand.
To stand up and be counted as equal,
Not to hide away or put on a mask,
The world needed to understand them,
And as an advocate she’d risen to the task.
She explained her own situation succinctly,
And how she’d resolved to a difference make,
She had vowed to try and be true to herself,
And not in self-pity or defamation bake.
She spoke a few minutes more before sitting,
And in that moment knew one sure thing,
She would never again listen to whispers,
Or pamper to those looking with suspicion.
She had owned her history fully tonight,
Amanda was who she was, and surely is,
Her victory was in just being herself now,
Not the one in the past, no, not his.
I realise that Amanda’s story is mysterious,
But that is deliberate as I write here,
You see we are all much more than we seem,
We are none of us as we first appear.
The main wisdom Amanda would share,
Is that of tolerance being needed each day,
And that words and actions to hurt others,
Sadly some bullied become bullies in some way.
If we all try to do our own best not comparing,
And we all congratulate one another’s success,
Then the pay it forward principle of life,
Will be sure to continue and do the rest.
The world would become a better place indeed,
And more love between us would be shown,
Adults would then accept and appreciate more,
And children’s respect of their peers and elders grow.
This week as we think about bully awareness,
Let us all make an effort in being positive,
And in doing so let’s remember the adage,
It is always good to live and to let live.
©Kate Brumby 15/11/18

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EDIT 19/11/18 I am dedicating this poem to Author Jennifer Gilmour who’s work and dedication as an advocate is both inspirational and humbling, as well as award winning.

I have to say when I read this I could relate to it and I did tear up. It was lovely that someone had thought about me and had dedicated a poem to me in this way. Thank you Kate, it meant more than you know.

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