Almost a couple of weeks ago my first ever YouTube Premier aired for my new series of #AbuseTalk Interviews. The new series will premier each month on the first Wednesday at 7.30pm GMT. 

In short: I want to get the answers to questions many have from those that work in the domestic abuse sector. Getting an inside feel for what its really like in their job role and sharing it with all of you. 

I have already interviewed a solicitor which will be shown for the March episode, I have plans to interview a charity organiser, event organiser and resource manager. If you happen to work in the domestic abuse sector and would like to be interviewed to bring awareness to what it is like in your job role then please do get in touch

Here’s the first in the series for you to watch back on if you haven’t tuned in already. If you subscribe to my channel and also hit the bell icon you will be notified of my video uploads I make including this new series. 

There’s more to come your way. 

Before I go I would like to mention that I have just purchased some equipment for my interviews that I am able to do in person. The equipment has come from the contributions from my Drip and so I am thankful to those who support this through a membership. 

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