On Saturday evening (for the UK) Bookies went live on their Facebook page sharing both Isolation and Clipped Wings. Jessica Page Johnson was the lovely lady sending out share the love Saturday. Jessica is in fact mentioned in Clipped wings twice as she has been a huge support since shortly after Isolation Junction came out, she also was a backer for the Kickstarter campaign for Clipped Wings.

Jessica not only does a wonderful job on Bookies but she is in fact a fantastic blogger, one that I have learnt a lot from and one of the friendliest. If you haven’t seen her blog then you need to go over and hunt through, there is so much to read and enjoy.

You can read Jessica’s blog posts that she has done for my work which I am ever grateful for here:

Bookies is a place to spread the reading love one book at a time, because your to-read list is never long enough.

Here is the Facebook live video for you all to watch and catch up on:

Share the Love Saturday: Author Jennifer Gilmour

Posted by Bookies on Saturday, December 2, 2017

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