I have decided to pop these reviews together because they link together not only by author but also by her writing style, they are both non-fiction and they both bring the feelings and reality of abuse to the reader.

I first connected with Rachel on Twitter in regards to another book BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge and it was complete coincidence that she also wrote about abuse which we both have in common. I highly recommend this book to any new or aspiring author and I have written a highly recommended review for this book.

Broken Pieces

The blurb

Not easy subjects — love, loss, sexual abuse, date rape, grief — but real ones, told in pieces (thus the title). Broken Pieces is a work of non-fiction.

Poetry, prose, and essays to let you into one woman’s life — a searingly raw examination of topics most people avoid.

Already a #1 best seller on Amazon (eBooks) on Women’s Poetry and Abuse, this book is recommended for mature audiences only.

My review

The way Rachel has written this made her book a lot easy to digest and read in little shots. I do believe others may need to read it like this because of her honest account of what happened to her. Rachel’s thoughts within the book are something I can relate to and I believe her book will make those who have experienced sex abuse or child abuse less alone in their thoughts.
Thank you for sharing and for breaking the silence.

Amazon US

Broken Places

The blurb

Award-winning author Rachel Thompson courageously confronts the topics of sexual abuse and suicide, love and healing, in her second nonfiction book of prose: Broken Places. The sequel to Rachel’s first nonfiction book, Broken Pieces, Rachel bares her soul in essays, poems and prose, addressing life’s most difficult topics with honesty. As you follow one woman’s journey through the dark and into the light, you will find yourself forever changed. Rachel’s first book in this series, Broken Pieces, has been a #1 best seller on Amazon (eBooks) on Women’s Poetry and Abuse. Please note: this book discusses serious topics, and is intended for mature audiences only.

The review

I read this after I had read Broken Pieces. It’s something that is close to home in reference to domestic abuse. I continued on to this in the aid to educate myself further. Rachel has put her scars onto paper here, I found this book harder to read then her previous in the series. It took me by surprise and I am not sure if this is because I am not familiar with this as an experience. I have to say I commend Rachel for this. Again you can read it in small chunks and it’s not a depressing read at all, thoughts, feelings and memories come into this piece of work.
I believe many would relate to this and I would urge others to read it. It has certainly given me an insight into some of the signs of child abuse and just how constructive the perpetrators are.

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About the author

Rachel Thompson is represented by literary agent Lisa Haganand is published by ShadowTeamsNYC.

She released the BadRedhead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge in December 2016 to rave reviews.

She is the author of the award-winning, best-selling Broken Places (one of IndieReader’s “Best of 2015” top books and 2015 Honorable Mention Winner in both the Los Angeles and the San Francisco Book Festivals), and the bestselling, multi award-winning Broken Pieces (as well as two additional humor books, A Walk In The Snark and Mancode: Exposed).

Rachel’s work is also featured in several anthologies (see Booksfor details).

Author Site: rachelintheoc.com
Twitter: @RachelintheOC


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  1. L.T. Marshall

    Added to my TBR , thank you so much for sharing xx

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Not a problem at all. I hope you enjoy it. X

  2. Viola Blue

    So pleased Jennifer, that more survivors of abuse are writing their way through their therapy, and blossoming on the other side. Your link to the lovely Rachel and myself means once again, I feel there is a market for this type of writing. Non-fiction domestic noir; whatever we call it. It needs saying. I’m off to buy both of Rachel’s works now. Thank you for bringing them to my attention 🌸

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      I am so glad to hear it Kate. I do think it helps so much. I am delighted that it is also helping you. I hope you enjoy. Let me know how you get on. Jen x

  3. Rachel Thompson

    Thank you SO much for the wonderful reviews of my work, Jennifer! My goal with these books is never to be explicit about the abuse; rather, to share the bewildering effects I lived with for so long, never realizing how related it all was to what happened to me at such a young age until I finally sought therapy in my thirties.

    If any survivor can benefit in their own recovery, then I’ll be happy. x

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Rachel, it was my pleasure. Thank your for sharing your stories, they will make a difference to so many people.
      Thank you again.

    • jenniferlauragilmour

      Thank you Rachel. I am sure that will help those who read this blog post.


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