Do you doodle?

I used to love to doodle and I also fell in love with art when I was younger. Both of my parents were very artistic, my dad was a sign writer in his early years and sketched as a hobby. I took to it in school and did it as a GCSE, I found art quite therapeutic and one my favourite pieces of artwork was my final piece for my GCSE Project. It may look familiar as our task was to take a section of a piece of artwork and make it our own, put our own spin on it.

It said a lot about me back in those school years, my life seemed to be full of upset and I found my younger teens a big struggle. I made it through of course.

I am a visual person and if a lesson would lack visual learning I would drift in my thoughts, writing notes used to help but sometimes it would drift into doodles- throughout school, collage and university. Going into adulthood that side of me left, I suppose I don’t sit in lessons I am disinterested in and anything I go to is something I am passionate about OR perhaps I forgot OR grew in my own self. Who knows.

I once did this sketch as a letter header of the golden snitch from Harry Potter.

BUT the other week I was put into a frustrating situation and I really found it a struggle… I had a pen and my post it note pad near by to take notes. That wasn’t going to happen. Doodling made it very manageable as it stopped me from interrupting, getting angry and taking things personally.

I thought I would share the doodles with you…


What do you think?

What helps you when you are feeling frustrated/stressed/upset/angry?

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