Something exciting has happened and I am finally able to share it with you all! 

I am officially a Drip creator! 


First of all…

What is Drip? 

Drip is a tool for artists and creators to fund and build community around their creative practice.

How does Drip work?

With Drip, people subscribe to support creators on an ongoing basis. In return, creators open the door to their creative practice — by sharing their process, notes from the field, in-progress previews, and other rewards. It’s a way for creators to build a community of dedicated and meaningful support around the work they make.

-Taken from their website 

I am in my Founding Period which means you can only subscribe as a Founding Member at the moment but once it goes live on the 3rd January 2019. There are only 15 spaces for founding members, so do click before they run out. But first I will share my video on Drip and what it I plan to do for those who become members…


It is certainly exciting and I have to say,,, I am honoured to be invited in. It is not open for anyone to create their own Drip page and so I am even more excited about being a part of it. 

The tiers are set at £1, £3, £5, £10 and £20 a month with lots of benefits. 

Subscribing to my drip will give you a lot of insight into what I do especially the side you don’t see on social media. 

Have your name in lights, gain signed copies of my books, be placed in the acknowledgements of my future publications, have a fan pack through your letter box, a character named after you, I’ll share my knowledge on domestic abuse and what I learn in the future, Q&As and more. I have big plans for this Drip and cannot wait for you to be a part of the journey. 

Theres content on Drip waiting to be unlocked. 

Let me know what you think and if you are one of the luck fifteen founding members please do share online. 

In the US? No problem!

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