I am super excited about my first ever Blog Tour. If you don’t know exactly what a Blog Tour is then here’s a fantastic definition taken from AuthorCulture:Blog Tour Basics.

“A blog tour is just like an old-fashioned book tour – where an author traveled from city to city signing books at different book stores or events – except you are traveling from blog to blog and never have to leave home or take off your comfy pink bunny slippers.”

My Blog Tour is from the 13th- 19th February and I’ll be on 21 different blog sites. I will keep you posted here with the links for each day as they come through, they could be posted at any time on that day.

There is also a giveaway happening over the period and you could WIN a signed copy of Isolation Junction and an eBook version. I’ve popped the entry at the bottom of this blog… so keep reading.


Day 1: 13th February 2017

The first post to go live and open the Blog Tour was from Louise Wise’ Blog “Wise Words”. The blog post gives you an extract from chapter one of Isolation Junction. Read more here.

The next blog post is by Emma Shearer on “Life, Lies and All Time Craziness” and she writes an honest review on Isolation Junction and looks at how the book could apply to her own life experiences. Read more here


Day 2: 14th February 2017

We are already on day 2 and more is unfolding with a character spotlight about Isolation Junction’s main character Rose. You can find out more on Katie’s blog “Living Life Our Way” here.

Another honest review and the subject has definitely challenged the blogger, Kaisha tells us on her blog “The Writing Garnet”. Read what she has to say here.


Day 3: 15th February 2017

The first up today is Jo Worgan’s blog “Brew and Books Review” and she writes a review on Isolation Junction and talks about how we can learn from the novel, read more here.

An extract from chapter one of Isolation Junction can be found on Kate’s blog “The Quiet Knitter”, read the extract here.

Last one for today and we have a full house. Read Emma’s thoughts about Isolation Junction and read my author spotlight to find out an insight to my life here.

Today I even had another blog website post link to one of the other bloggers posts which was new to me. You can see the link on Don Massenzio’s website here.


Day 4: 16th February 2017

Starting today on Linda’s blog “Linda’s Book Bag” with my motivation on why I wrote Isolation Junction, find out why here.

Entries are starting to come in for the giveaway and so far 50 people have entered. Don’t miss out and enter at the bottom of this blog.

Alison shares a review of Isolation Junction on her blog “Ali- The Dragon Slayer”, read her passionate review here.

Read another extract from chapter one of Isolation Junction on Vicki’s blog “Tippy Tupps”, read on her blog post here.


Day 5: 17th February 2017

Starting the day of on Jen’s blog “Jen’s Med Book Reviews” with a Q&A with me, find out about my reading, advice given to me and my hero here.

Another Q&A with the giveaway link on Rebecca’s blog “If only I could read faster”, I talk about the road to publication and you can find out how that went here.

At the beginning of the day the giveaway has had over 100 entries. There is still time to enter, head to the bottom of the blog to enter.

Another fantastic review from Yvonne at “Double Monkey Business”, read her thoughts here.


Day 6: 18th February 2017

Find out how publication day went for me in this Q&A on the first blog post of the day on Jessica’s blog “Jessica’s Reading Room”, read more here.

A fantastic review by Kelly Allen on her blog “Kelly Allen Writer” who has a passionate view on the book and saying ‘Because is we don’t make a stand, who will?’. Read the review here.


Day 7: 19th February 2017

Its the last day of the Blog Tour but its still busy and it has brought a lot of interest. The first post today was from Kristin on her blog “Kristin’s Novel Cafe”, a Q&A with a more relaxed feel which is a nice read to start the day. Read it here.

Another review, I love reading other’s thoughts on the book. See Sam’s thoughts on her blog “Clue’s and Reviews” here.

A relaxed final interview with me on Laura’s blog “The Butterfly Mother” here.


The winner is…

Congratulations to Donna Roussel in France for winning the giveaway. You can find a whole summary of the Blog Tour from my Blog Tour host here. Thank you to all bloggers, readers and followers for getting involved in taking part in the Blog Tour whether that was by posting the blogs, reviewing or sharing.

With thanks to Emma Michell from Emma The Little Bookworm for hosting the Blog Tour for me.

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