If you have read my first ‘Fox Story’, you will know why seeing a fox is a sign or symbol of positivity to me. If you haven’t already read my first Fox Story, then I suggest that you check it out here because it will explain where the idea came from.

Read on to discover why this was not the only reason I think that my husband and I were meant to be together.

‘As if the Fox sign was not enough!’

As Rob and I moved to live in Hull and settled down to a new routine we seemed to find that there were lots of similarities in our respective backgrounds. We found this interesting, reassuring, comical and also a little freaky. Let me explain to you some of the things we found out about each other and our families.

*I am a qualified youth worker. In fact that is what took me to Chester in the first place (to study for a degree in Youth work). Interestingly, Rob’s parents both qualified as youth workers when they were younger and in fact, met as a result of this.

*Rob’s brother studied Drama at university and regularly works professionally. I also studied acting qualified with a DDM National Diploma.

*Rob’s father and brother both have the middle name James. My brother’s middle name is also James.

*There were other similarities in interest for example Rob loves The Beatles and also Dr Who. My father is a Beatles fan and my brother at the time was very passionate about Dr Who. Yes in the early part of our relationship I ended up catching up with all of the series starting with Christopher Eccleston as a result of Rob’s love for the programme, don’t worry I wasn’t forced to watch it and enjoyed knowing what the conversations were referring to between my husband and brother.

*There was even another kind of coincidence. Rob’s mum tells me that as a child she wanted to be called ‘Rose’. As a result she used this name when in infant school. I love the name Rose and always wished it was my own name also, so much so that my elder daughter’s middle name is Rose.

And if those similarities weren’t enough a few coincidences happened in the early days as well…

*Rob’s mum had ordered a new duvet set for our bed and when it was delivered the label had 668 at the end which was also Rob’s late grandfather’s police number.

*When Rob had telephoned his brother to tell him of our plans to move to Hull it was rather peculiar as at the time he was watching the ‘Only Fools and Horses’ episode entitled ” to ‘ull and back”.

*A few months later we travelled back to Chester and as we passed ‘Newlyn’ (the shared house where we used to live) we noticed the name of the house next door ‘The Hawthorn’ – this seemed poignant because we lived on Hawthorn Avenue at the time!

Here we are back in 2014 in the back of the van to move to Hull.

Perhaps we were ‘meant to be’, in fact I started to look at it as if we had simply found each other. People often say there is someone for everyone and that this particular person is somewhere in the world. Well I think that is what I found.

Aside from similarities in our family, those of you who know us personally know that we make a great team. Our relationship to date has brought with it with multiple challenges. However, we feel we are meeting these challenges and becoming stronger as individuals, a couple and as a family. I can confidently say this and people have said we have been through more in the comparatively short time we have been together than many people go through in a lifetime.

So is it just us? Or do you have similarities and coincidences in your relationship as well?

Do tell ………

I look forward to sharing the next fox story with you as part of this series.
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