I have run two successful kickstarter campaigns that have over funded. I have also given people advice on how to achieve this, who have also successfully funded their campaign. I I have been asked over and over again for my advice and people keep on recommending me. I have been interviewed for kickstarter articles from other crowdfunders. I thought it would be easier to pop it in a blog post for you all to share.

My first campaign was fully funded at 110%

My second campaign was fully funded at 128%

Here are a few tips that will get you going on how to run a successful kickstarter campaign, these are just highlights but keep reading to find out how to learn more:

  1. Make sure you don’t leave it too late and have a plan in place. Even though some people have had successful campaigns running them last minute it would be more beneficial to have everything mapped out and prepared. I would at the minimum have two months in mind but if you are busy and time limiting then I would double it to four months.
  2. Make sure your funding target is realistic but not going to put you out of pocket. On kickstarter if you don’t reach the goal then you won’t receive any of the funds. I didn’t realise this until part way through the campaign on my first ever campaign. Thankfully I went over the target of £1,000 but it could have resulted in not receiving anything at all.
  3. Remember that Kickstarter take their fees so work out exactly what the fees will be to make sure you don’t cut yourself short.
  4. Your presentations is key and a video is most likely to be watched as people find out what your campaign is about a lot faster, if your video interests them then they will read on- so make sure you sell yourself and your campaign.
  5. Pledge rewards are probably the most important part of your campaign, specifically because potential backers will most likely back you if you have worthy rewards.
  6. Creating an event to run alongside your campaign on Facebook or any other social media that works for you. An event gives you that awareness with the ability to update on your milestones towards your goal, get the hope going before the campaign goes live and gives your backers a chance to encourage you as well. Build up that excitement.
  7. Updating your campaign is important as well, updates send an email to your backers AND/OR places a ‘status’ like post on your live campaign wall.

These are some basic points but I have explored these further and have a lot more hints and tips alongside worksheets I have created for you to download right away…

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