I thought I would share something that I have thoroughly enjoyed over the weekend. In fact, I was gifted tickets to see The Cursed Child in the theatre from my best friend Vicki which was for my 30th. It’s my birthday tomorrow and its taken a long wait to be able to see this production which I have been yearning to watch since its release. It was worth the wait and that’s the usual process for those who haven’t looked into it, they are booked so far in advance that you could be waiting a year or more to be able to see it. 

Off I went down to London and filled with excitement. For those who don’t know, I find it hard to have time off, so I worked myself into the ground to be able to give myself that time off. I am passionate about my work and so it’s important to me that I have tasks done etc. Find out how my work crept into my adventures in London, read on. 

I couldn’t resist some tourist shots whilst visiting China Town, it had a vibe about it, music playing, the busy hustle and oh my word the smell of all the delicious food. For those who didn’t see, I had fun on my Insta stories showing what I was getting up to. Check my Insta out to have a look at some more pictures and video clips.

The reason for the whole visit was to see The Cursed Child, we were going to watch in on two evenings as its separated into part 1 and part 2. I hoped it was going to be as good as everyone had said it was. For me Harry Potter was escapism from my realities, originally it was events and unhappiness in my childhood and as I grew up it became a place I could transport too in my mind whilst I suffered an abusive relationship. For most of my time I wished this world existed, I grew up with Harry Potter in my life as I started to read the books from the age of 11. I didn’t mind having some escapism at the age of 30 and with my best friend who is the person to talk to when dissecting the plot lines and characters. 

What seats we had, wow, fourth from the front. It was clear throughout part 1 that the place to sit is the stalls.

DO NOT READ ON if you don’t want any spoilers. 

For those who have watched it you will be able to follow this- My professional head was switched on when the character Delphini wasn’t who she said she was, she had tricked and manipulated both characters Albus and Scorpius to go along with her plan to go back in time and try and change the past. Delphini made them believe it was to benefit them but also her in a different way, it was in fact for something much more sinister. Subtle hints to becoming romantically involved with Albus with some little flirting took place in The Cursed Child. Immediately I started to think about how it is so easy to be sold a different story when entering a relationship, you can be miss sold what that person is really about. I wonder if anyone thought about this when watching it as it played out? 

It showed I certainly cannot switch off from my work life and I don’t want to because it’s important. I bet you are wondering what I thought to the production? Well, it was WOW! That word is what I have used to describe it because I laughed, cried and was even scared in parts of The Cursed Child. In fact I didn’t just cry, I wept, I didn’t mind unleashing my Harry Potter Geekiness since it was my time off. 

I had booked tickets on a Muggles Tour of London for the daytime before part 2 and this was humorous, informative and I smashed my step count three times over. If you are looking for something to do then I would highly recommend this as its affordable and very informative. I won’t put more pictures here as I could overwhelm you but if you want to see then check out my Harry Potter Insta story

It just so happened that at the end of my visit to London that the group I help admin for were meeting up for the afternoon, The Fiction Cafe Book Club is a place to share the love of books with others and its on Facebook. I mainly help with a sub group which is the writers group. This was a perfect ending to my visit because I got to meet in person those who I had spoken online to for quite some time (some years). 

It was a chance for me to see Emma Mitchell again, Emma is my editor and I hadn’t seen her since she worked on the second edition of Isolation Junction was published. Emma is lovely and you can find out more about what she does on Creating Perfection

It was lovely to meet Sue Wickstead in person as well, Sue is the author of rather a few children’s books now. I connected with her some time ago, you can view my blog post featuring her here: Daisy Daydream + a trip down Memory Lane

Not only all that but I also got to meet the lovely Louise Jensen who I had spoken to on messenger for a while. Funnily enough she shares the same literary agent as J K Rowling, spooky. It was a delight to meet Louise and to hear more about her journey, thankful to her for sharing and for inspiring me. Find out more about Louise and her books on her website here

I wish I had taken more photos with other folk at The Fiction Cafe Book Club meet up, on reflection I was so tired from late nights and early starts but it was all worth it. 

If you’ve seen The Cursed Child, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. 

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