I couldn’t avoid writing a blog on a subject close to home, in fact its about my home! HULL. This year is capital of culture for HULL 2017 and already it is already changing the city.

But first let me give you more of an insight to my roots with Hull. My parents were born in Hull and as was I, I lived close to Costello Stadium which is close to the border for the East Riding of Yorkshire. When I was around 9 we moved into the East Riding and lived just next door in Hessle, which is where the beautiful and amazing construction of the Humber Bridge is. I spent some of my primary school years and then onto my high school life in Hessle. After high school I then took on a diploma in Acting at Hull College and spent a lot of time in the city centre.
Believe it or not, growing up I dreamed of moving away and looking back this was more of the bullying I had been subjected to in school.
When I was 18 I ventured on a gap year with Oasis Trust to Leeds, just an hour down the road. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Leeds with the core reason being voluntary youth work, it had its challenging times I can assure you. It didn’t take long for me to realise what people’s perception of Hull was and it was not of a positive, I immediately became defensive.
My road lead me to move to Chester and begin university and I followed my love for youth work there. Chester reminded me of York and that was also not far from home which made me feel secure in Chester. I had grown a fantastic friendship circle, a lot whom I am still in contact and see to this day.
In 2014, I returned back home to Hull which I had pined and wholeheartedly missed, returning home was very different as I had 2 children in my time away from home. I thought I would bump into familiar faces every day and that it would be just as I had left it. I did get warm welcomes back and I have a fantastic family support in Hull as well as friendships new and old. I haven’t been more happier to return to the place I loved and grew up in. I had missed how passionate, caring and supportive the people are from Hull.

Hull has so many wonderful things to see and we utilised a lot over the last few years. I have been back are the fantastic huge parks and some have these amazing bird and animal sanctuaries. There are small woods and gardens, footballs pitches, minuture steam trains and land trains, skate parks, paddling pools and splash parks and even a water flume.
I have to say that my husband (who is from Chester) has fallen in love with the place and has grown the same feelings that I have. Amazed with the amount you can do and for FREE or cheap and of high quality in this growing City, he has certainly settled down here with me and the 3 children.

Hull Capital of Culture couldn’t come at a better time and is here for 2017, you can find out why Hull gained this recognition in the local Hull Daily Mail article here.

Second week in and memories have already been created to keep forever. Emotions hit the atmosphere of the crowds of the opening week We are Hull and a celebration of the last 70 years of Hull, through large scale projection of videos and pictures on some of the iconic buildings.

I couldn’t resist getting a photo because people are literally blocking the roads for this event. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they were blocking the road to Isolation Junction?

The year is jam packed of events and I do encourage you to take a look at the Hull 2017 website as this year is to assist it becoming a cultural destination. There are also so many opportunities and this weekend I got the opportunity to attend an event in Waterstones with 4 authors from Hull, who have used Hull as themes within their novels, through places or characters. I got the opportunity to talk to a couple who were supportive of Isolation Junction and I also got to meet Anne Cater who is a blogger and shortlisted for the Odeon UK Blog Awards 2017, wishing you all the success with this Anne.

Although this event wasn’t directly linked to Hull 2017 it still brought a crowd and there are many events that will be going on through the year just like this, so have a look on social media and keep up to date.

I certainly anticipate being a busy year for myself but I guess thats what its like in Hullywood.

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