Hi everyone, Before I hand over to Cassandra I wanted to welcome her back onto my blog. Cassandra has written as a guest for my blog before, read here previous post here. Now handing over to Cassandra herself…

Hi ya’ll! I have been hard at work on two stories for two separate anthologies. All proceeds from both anthologies will go to anti-bullying awareness and suicide prevention. I have always been an advocate for domestic violence and child abuse, but after dealing with a cyber bully a few years back I now tell people about that as well. I have never been a victim of domestic abuse, but as a victim of bullying I don’t want others to have to go through what I have.

My story for the Our Secret Nook Anthology is my favorite genre to write. Crime fiction is my specialty. I was glad we got to choose our genre. It was a lot of fun to write. The story is about Maren who was attacked by her stalker. Years later he comes back after her and tortures her. The cover reveal is August 14th and release day will be August 28th. Here’s the blurb for the story.

Maren thought her nightmare was over. She moved to a new town, met new friends, even found a job she loved.
Elias had been the stuff of nightmares. Ten years in prison had done nothing to make him less evil.
When Elias returns will Maren be able to remain in her perfect little world?

My story for the Voices From The Dark is a bit of a happier story. It’s about a girl who survives a suicide attempt to be happy and find love. I have suffered with depression and this hits home with me.
The anthology is set for release September 10th.

I am also putting together a book of poetry and short stories that I hope to get published for charity. Here is one of the poems I have been working on.

“The Monster In The Mirror”

You look in the mirror,
time has taken it’s toll.
Your life speeding past you,
spinning out of control.

Things get more out of hand,
you feel like you’re losing your mind.
You stare hard into the mirror,
thinking of what you’re leaving behind.

The monster that lives inside you,
wants a soul to devour.
It’s looking for a way out,
to break free at the midnight hour.

You slowly start to take back control,
a battle raging inside.
Knowing you will win the fight,
the face in the mirror smiles back in pride.

The clock on the wall,
looms like a beacon.
Your inner demons,
continue to weaken

Here is a link for my FB page Please Help Prevent Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Bullying

My Facebook Page

Thank you Jennifer for having me on the blog. And don’t let anyone ever bring you down. I live by the quote “Keep Moving Forward.” -Walt Disney


Wow, thank you Cassandra for joining us today and for telling us about your work in progress. Your poetry is thought provoking and clever, I love writing thats for a reason. Thank you for joining us today and for sharing, we look forward to hearing about the publication of your work.

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